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Mt. Baldy Zen Center, Mt. Baldy, CA


Arrival: 9:30am Movement Class


Departure: After Soundbath 8:30pm


Transform the way your body MOVES and FEELS from the inside out!


An unforgettable somatic retreat into your most joyful and embodied experience of life.


Day Pass Includes:


Hanna Somatic Movement

-release long held patterns of tension, stress and pain

-return to functional easy movement

-recconnect with your body and build proprioceptive awareness

-refine and reorganize movement for optimum performance


Somatic Yoga

-self-paced gentle yoga with an emphasis on visualization

-accessible for beginners

-a new approach for seasoned practitioners

-space between poses to savor the benefits of asana

-mudras and breathwork

-finishing with a pratyahara to deepen relaxation and transformation.


Plant-based Meals

-colorful, whole food ingredients

-low in sodium and fat

-a variety of foods, spices and flavors

-pressure cooked beans for easy digestion

-delicious and satisfying!


Sound Healing

-vibrational sound journey to open your heart

-soften into your body consciousness

-move stagnant energy

-deeped your somatic connection



DAY PASS - Somatic Awakening - Saturday Sept. 30th 2023


    Mt. Baldy Zen Center

    7901 Mt Baldy Rd, Mt Baldy, CA 91759


    Sept. 28th through Oct. 1st 2023

  • Refunds available until Sept. 10th 2023

    Passes are transferrable upon request.