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You are the magic!

Your Body is built to deeply release stress, tension and pain from the inside out.


Let me show you how...

Join me for an unforgettable day of releasing, relaxing and building a relationship of trust within your body and your life.

  • Learn a gentle, yet powerful movement technique to:

  • Release Stubborn, Tight Muscles in Your: Neck, Back, Hips and Jaw!

  • Connect and Explore Your Innate Body Intelligence

  • Calm and Soothe Your Nervous System

  • Experience Easy, Comfortable, Flowing Movement

This practice is like nothing else out there!

​You will be astonished at your own self-healing abilities and the beauty of truly understanding and befriending your body from the inside out!

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Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before we start at 11 a.m.

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Immersive Encounter

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Aimee Takaya

Is a Full-time Hanna Somatic Educator, International Yoga Teacher and Transformation Facilitator. She loves to help heart-led leaders feel free, alive and at home in their bodies.


She spent 7 years living in debilitating chronic pain due to injuries, adverse childhood experiences and ongoing unconscious stress.


Thanks to Hanna Somatic Education she has found a practical, common sense way back to balance and joy in her body.


She has a playful, gentle manner and soothing voice to enable to you to connect deeply and easily with your body.


This work will inspire you to experience your body in an entirely new, refreshing and empowered way.

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