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Aimee Takaya smiling with curled short brown hair, dangling earrings colored red, yellow, and turquoise, and a white sweater.

Free Your Soma Podcast

Stories of Somatic Awakening and How-to Live from the Inside Out


The realm of somatics is a fascinating intersection of psychology, biology, bodywork, spirituality and mysticism. 


Every Thursday you'll hear from Aimee Takaya and a variety of guests from different realms of study and experience. 

We will weave inspiring, educational and practical connections to invite you to live more fully in alignment with your inner wisdom and body intelligence.

You will hear stories that will remind you of the incredible power of a human, a soma, to heal, grow, develop and integrate their being.

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Satiated Podcast

March 17, 2024

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How Diet Culture Armors Your Body and Using Hanna Somatics to Soften Again with Aimee Takaya

Did you know being entrenched in diet culture for decades can affect your bodily expression? One way this can show up is through tightening and sucking in your belly for years. I know this was something I used to do and sometimes have to remind my belly that's not something we need to do anymore. When you've received messages about how your body is supposed to look, your body can start to try to shape itself to the images you show it and the messages it's receiving. If you've been told you're supposed to have a flat belly over and over again, you may have found yourself trying to make your belly as tight as possible.

In this week’s episode, I chat with Aimee Takaya, Hanna Somatic Educator, Somatic Yoga Teacher, and Transformation Facilitator, about how she found her way to Hanna Somatics including navigating food sensitivities, disordered eating, and dieting, the effects of sucking in your belly all the time, and how to reshape your body's expression and the way it holds tension.

Holistic Healers Community Podcast

February 19, 2024

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EP 16 : Hanna Somatic Education

In this episode we discuss Hanna Somatic Education. Special guest Aimee Takaya discusses the history & benefits of the practice, her full circle journey to this practice, and how her somatic practice has supported her as an entrepreneur.

Have a listen & don't forget to follow the podcast to stay up to date on our episodes! You can also leave us feedback on the episode over at our Instagram @holistichealerscommunity or find out more about Aimee & how to work with her at her website and IG.

October 31, 2023

Aimee Takaya smiling with curled short brown hair, dangling earrings colored red, yellow, and turquoise, and a white sweater. The image is framed in white and an outer frame of dark green. Text reads Tactical Magic Podcast. Somatics w/Aimee Takaya.

EP 218: Somatics with Aimee Takaya

Aimee Takaya is an International Somatic Yoga Teacher and Full-time Hanna Somatic Educator. She helps heart-led leaders, Teachers, Coaches, Therapists become more somatically aware so they can release muscular tension, stress and pain, perform at a higher level in all they do and impact the world with their Radiance.

She teaches movement over zoom, offers hands-on transformational bodywork and creates powerful and deeply soothing retreats to reset your nervous system and release the accumulated tensions of being human.

September 13, 2023

Against a white background with blue pen marks, words are written in blue font that looks like it's been drawn with pen and reads:Live Life By Design Podcast presented by Become an Investor

EP 13 : Connecting to Your Body's Wisdom for Confidence and Focus with Aimee Takaya

This weeks “Live Life by Design” Podcast features somatic educator Aimee Takaya. Aimee explains how most people live primarily in their heads and hearts, missing their body's wisdom. She teaches clients to sense their whole body and gently move with existing patterns to unwind tension. This somatic approach helps people discover ease and effortlessness rather than aggressively fighting pain. Aimee describes to the hosts her journey from debilitating pain to strength through small, gentle movements.


The discussion covers how relaxing the body boosts confidence, focus, and performance in fields like real estate. Aimee emphasizes on becoming an observer of your patterns versus judging them. Going with the body's tendencies, then slowly coming out, transforms the nervous system's contractions. Aimee advocates getting "internally connected" to your passion and purpose first, then sharing it.

The Somatic CEO by Marie Benoit

June 29, 2023

A brunette woman holds hands to her heart. She wears a tan hat and a green tunic and stands in front of a field, trees and a distant hill. The picture reads: The Somatic Ego with Marie Benoit

EP 7 : The Gift of "Undoing." with Aimee Takaya

In this week's episode I interview, Aimee Takaya. This woman is a healer + powerhouse energy extraordinaire! There is a whole host of juicy information you're going to soak up till the very end!


Phew, one of my favorite episodes to date due to the pure magnetizing energy this woman brings! Her self assured energy is magnetizing- meaning you are either going to LOVE her or feel triggered AF. We discuss all things nervous system, how stepping into somatic work has helped her build her empire, why and how women can tap into their “howl to the moon” unstoppable power!

Following The Threads with Rosie Velasquez

March 11, 2022

Black background with the inside of a hand drum, which shows string and knots holding the canvas on. Words say: The Mystic Rose Studios, Following the Threats with Resie Velasquez

EP 20 : Turning her Pain into Passion with Aimee Takaya

In today's episode, Aimee tells the story of her psycho-spiritual awakening at 19 years old and how it turned from breakdown to breakthrough and set her on the yogic path. The thesis of her work is based on the belief that deep transformation happens when you have the will in the right environment with the right tools. This vision is what she brings to her clients and around which she has built her program.

Aimee Takaya was born and raised in Southern Oregon in 1988 and currently lives in Southern California. She is a yoga teacher of 10+ years, a world traveler, Hanna Somatic Educator, wife and mother. Aimee is a teacher of multiple systems of self-healing and is developing an immersive transformational program to guide Teachers, Coaches, Therapists and Healers in restoring their functional movements patterns and microbiome through Hanna Somatic Education and Nutritional Healing.

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