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You Are A Self-healing Masterpiece

6 Month Program

Freedom Through Movement and Food


Nov. 4th, 2023

Save $600 when you enroll before October 10th!

Apply for a scholarship!

Get 50% Off the winter round!

Radiance is an immersive 6 month somatic education experience for heart-led leaders who are ready to:

Release a lifetime of accumulated tension and pain

Learn to heal their nervous system through movement 

Connect with food as a magnificent source of healing

I lived with chronic tension and pain for 7 years. I was a yoga teacher who was frustrated and confused about what was happening in my body. I struggled with food sensitivities, gut health challenges and weight issues most of my life.

Through my somatic development I have finally overcome these issues and I want the same for you too.

I have designed this program to completely transform the way your body moves and feels for the rest of your life.

When you learn this movement practice at the level you will learn it in this program, you will generate a level of peace and joy that will be felt by all those around you. This radiance will transform your closest relationships, increase excellence in your profession and make every other healing practice you do more effective and powerful.

You can be powerful, limitless and reach your full potential as a leader in this world. 

Creating harmony in the way you move through life is the missing link.
aimee tekaya somatic heart led leader laying on a rock in the mountains.jpeg

How This Works

Building new habits and learning a new way of being in your body is difficult to do alone.

For years I struggled to develop a daily consistent practice of this movement and maintain it!


I have also watched so many clients begin to improve, only to get distracted or lose interest because they weren't fully committed to learning.

This Small, HIGH TOUCH Group Program Is Designed To:

Teach you HOW to release muscular tension and pain internally, through movement

Support you in making lifestyle and food shifts that feel aligned and resonant to you

Nurture your budding somatic awareness as your whole life begins to make sense and more deeply integrate

Provide you with a experience of safety, connection and fun with a group of curated heart-led leaders

Give you the knowledge and experience to protect yourself from movement related injury and pain

Equip you with a life skill that effectively and quickly regulates your nervous system

Realign your spine and skeletal structure by releasing and lengthening your muscles

Remind your body of functional movement patterns that allow for easy, flowing movement

I really loved our group sessions. I found the structure of having a weekly appointment to be really helpful, and I learned a lot from the other people in our group.

Beth Warner, Physiotherapist

Why This Works

This program offers a highly innovative and effective way to come out of tension and pain patterns that have been unconsciously accumulating your whole life.

THIS IS SO EFFECTIVE is because it works with your nervous system to re-educate and create new neural pathways that actually change the muscle length internally!

I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of yoga trying to address the tension I held in my hips and lower back. I had weekly massages for a while. I used foam rollers. Chiropractor. Acupuncture. Energy healing. Long stretches and special yoga moves. I ground rubber balls into my buttcheeks!!!

These all provided some temporary relief, but the pain kept coming back. And what's worse, with every week, month, year, it was slowly getting worse.


This is because I wasn't making changes internally, where it would actually stick: by retraining my nervous system.


Marie Benoit

Nervous System Coach & Trauma Specialist and 1:1 Client

“In the past I had so much trauma around the way my body moved through the world with my “duck feet” composition and the general pain that reminded me, “your body isn’t working for you and you can’t change it.” I feel this blockage has finally been cleared, as I have immense confidence in my body and my ability to find relief when needed.


The emotional and spiritual blockages I’ve been able to release have been immense.

I would recommend Aimee 1000%!

I am hoping to collaborate with her in the future because I fully understand how powerful her work is in the healing process! Anyone with a body and nervous system would benefit from this work.”

My Clients Report A Strong Reduction or Elimination of the Following Issues:

Nerve pain


Anxiety and depression 

Chronic lower back tension/pain 

Intimacy issues and sexual dysfunction 

Menstrual cramping and PMS

Neck and shoulder pain/tension

Trauma related triggers

Exercise related injuries


Body dysmorphia

Lack of self-confidence


Emotional eating

Self-shaming and guilt 

Fear of public speaking

Low energy levels 

Inability to focus

Indigestion and bloating

Addiction recovery struggles

Spinal misalignments

Mood swings

Deeply held sadness

Surgery related pain and discomfort 

What Clients Say

"My gait, walking and endurance have improved, and I am better able to self-regulate physical and emotional tension and stress. 
I am confident that people can learn to release tension and change even long-held patterns of trauma and pain. This is safe and effective for anyone."

Beth Warner

Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher

Avoid Paying +$60,000

(calculated from a real example of how much my client spent on the chiropractor over 10 years)

testimonials kylie brda.jpeg
Kylie Brda

Owner of Brda Skincare and
Currently Enrolled in The Radiance Program

She lived in fear of her back going out…


“When I was going to the chiropractor the most it was 3x per week, $40 a session. 


About $500 a month.


Sessions were normally $60 but they gave me a break with a sliding scale pay structure. Normally it would have been $720 a month.


I went pretty religiously from 17-27 years old.

That's $60K For 10 Years

When I realized chiropractic care was just temporary relief and I wasn’t improving my situation or getting stronger or better I stopped going and found an osteopath who’s treatments put me in more pain after each session.


I felt confused, discouraged and helpless.


Right before I met you I found one of the the best physical therapists in LA.


He was $600 a month for one session a week.


Working with him really helped. I was able to feel how I was overcompensating certain muscles and neglecting others and grew a bit of body awareness that gave me hope.


When I met you and you started talking about somatic education I could feel in my soul it was the information I needed to learn next in my healing journey.


Little did I know I’d learn so much more about myself and how to get my physical body out of pain.


Calming my nervous system and connecting deeply to myself has been the ultimate healing experience!”

What I Bring
To This Program

+7 years personal experience using this method to come out of debilitating chronic tension and pain

Extensive and continuously developing knowledge of neurophysiology

A playful yet deeply illuminating communication style

+10 years guiding movement and working with different bodies

Kindness and Neutrality as tenants of my teaching

A calm, soothing tone and manner that enables you to connect quickly and deeply with your body

+15 years of experience and experimentation in the realms of nutritional healing, alternative food prep, overcoming food sensitivities and creating healthy habits around food.

780 hrs of yoga teacher training and thousands of hours of practice

A genuine interest in YOU and your individual human experience

Learn More About Me Here

img - Aimee portrait 20.jpg

This Program Is For You If

You want to let go of being easily triggered and feeling stuck or overwhelmed

You are done with the patterns in your life that do not align with your highest wisdom

You sense there are emotions, memories and experiences stored in your body that need to be integrated.

You seek to feel sovereign, empowered and deeply connected in your intimate relationships.

You know your next level of leadership involves a NEW level of self-care

You are ready to be witnessed, cherished and honored in a group container.

You are ready to SHINE in your professional field and hold more space for abundance in your body.

You are tired of playing it small, hiding or bypassing your true destiny.

You want to rid yourself of body tension and pain that interferes with your life and happiness.

You know support, structure and consistency will help you reach your goals.

You are a heart-led leader who believes in creating a safer, more peaceful world.

aimee tekaya heartled leader_edited.jpg


(Nov. 4th through Dec. 2nd)

Release Stress and Trauma Patterns

3 Private 1:1 Sessions

(90 mins) in addition to weekly
2 hour group class.

We focus on movement practice and building your own daily routine, releasing a lifetime of accumulated tension and pain.

Group Meetings Saturdays

Timing To Be Discussed


Nov.4th 2023 to Feb. 17th 2024


Eat to Heal: A Somatic Food Conversation

1 Private 1:1 Session

(90 mins) in addition to weekly
2 hour group class.

2  private 1:1 session (90 mins) in addition to weekly 2 hour group class. (for Somatic Brilliance Plan)

We continue the movement practice every time we meet. Now we begin looking at the impact of food on our bodies and exploring your relationship to it. One subject per week.

(Dec. 9th through Jan. 13th)

aimee tekaya heartled leader.jpeg


(Jan 20th through Feb. 17th)

Understanding Your Body in Motion : The Neurophysiology of Movement

1 Private 1:1 Session

(90 mins) in addition to weekly
2 hour group class.

2  private 1:1 session (90 mins) in addition to weekly 2 hour group class. (for Somatic Brilliance Plan)

We continue the movement practice every time we meet. You develop a deeper understanding of how movement works and why you may have been experiencing certain issues when you exercise.


This is where you are empowered to apply the knowledge of the last 2 months to other forms of movement. Food Habits are invited to shift in ways that feel appropriate, helpful and resonant on an individual basis.

Overview Of The Next Six Months

Next Six Months


(Feb. 17th - May 18th 2024)

Monthly 2 hour class group

4  private 1:1 session (90 mins) in addition to monthly 2 hour group class. (for Somatic Brilliance Plan)

The changes you make in the first 3 months will be life changing, transforming and tremendously beautiful. The program continues to support you in making these changes truly long-lasting.


Monthly Group Class to refine, deepen and hone your somatic practice.

Graduation: May 18th 2024

Final Group Meeting

You may invite loved ones to participate in our last meeting and celebrate your somatic initiation of a lifetime!

Final Closing 1:1 Ceremony Before May 18th for all Participants

Available Plans


Six 1:1 90 Min Sessions
Weekly Group Calls (month 1-3)
Monthly Group Calls (month 4-6)
Lifetime Access to Movement Video Library and Recipe Library
Special pricing on classes, events, retreats and memberships
A Private Whatsapp Group



(save $600 until Oct. 10th!)



Pay In Full $5900

6 Payments of $1000

10 Payments of $620


(after Oct. 10th)


Pay In Full $6500

6 Payments of $1,150

10 Payments of $680


(the highest level of support I offer)

Twelve 1:1 90 Min Sessions
Weekly Group Calls (month 1-3)
Monthly Group Calls (month 4-6)
Lifetime Access to Movement Video Library and Recipe Library
Special pricing on classes, events, retreats and memberships
A Private Whatsapp Group

Full-time Voxer Support for processing, deepening and building a somatic lifestyle.
1 Year FREE Membership to Movement Classes ($780 Value)


EARY BIRD $11,900

6 payments of $2400

Pay In Full $12,400

6 Payments of $2500

Plans & Pricing
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