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Events and Retreats

Upcoming in-person experiences. Click the title for more details.

August 6th

Somatic Awakening Day Retreat - Portland, OR

August 13th

Somatic Yoga Workshop - Upland, CA

August 27th

Somatic Yoga Day Retreat - Altitude Fitness &Physical Therapy, Blue Jay, CA

September 2nd

Somatic Yoga Workshop -Buffalo, NY

September 3rd

Somatic Yoga Day Retreat - Orchard Park

September 10th

Restore Your Radiance Day Retreat - Upland, CA

Sept 22nd-24th 

Healing Garden @ Cascade Equinox, Redmond, OR

Sept. 28-Oct. 1st 

Somatic Awakening Retreat - Mt. Baldy, CA

Oct. 5th - 8th

Healing Oasis @ Joshua Tree Music Festival

Presenter - Release Your Stress and Be Free!

Oct. 20th

Divine Dining Experience - Venus Unfurled, Upland, CA

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