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Hanna Somatic
Movement Masterclass

What you need to practice:

A space to lie down, on the floor or a bed.

A couple of pillows for support.

How to get the best results

1. Be gentle, avoid pain or strong discomfort

The first time you do a movement, notice if there is any pain or discomfort. Make the next repetition smaller, slower and move gentle so as to avoid pain or discomfort

Your goal is to get your body to relax, pain causes contraction in the body, so move gently enough that you are not creating more tension.

2. Go slow

In order to access your motor cortex and make significant changes in muscle length, you must move SLOWLY, especially as you come out of the movement. 

This may feel challenging at first, because it is a new way of moving, you will notice it gets a little easier with each attempt.

You can always move MORE SLOWLY! 

There is no such things as too slow in Somatics, but if you go too quickly, you will bypass your motor cortex and not get the intended results.

3. Finish the movement and REST.

This is a critical step in your somatic release. 

This is what makes Somatics different than Feldenkrais or many other somatic movement methods. 

You must follow the movement all the way out and then let your body rest completely before beginning the next movement. 

This full rest of your muscle at length allows your brain to receive biofeedback about the new length of the muscle.

This stillness and rest is where the deeper change occurs

It does not have to be a long rest. It can be a few seconds.

Each time you come out of the movement/contraction see how deeply you can rest.

You will notice by the end of class that your body is able to rest more completely and more deeply than at the beginning!

Book a 1:1 Session

Aimee Takaya sits on a maroon velvet seat, has black hair and wears a blue blouse and strawberry earrings.

Let me intimately and intuitively guide you in a personalized movement practice where we address your specific challenges.

Come back to comfortable, effortlessly aligned posture and create deep relaxation.



-follow-up video content

-one week of coaching on the assignment through email/text.

90 mins


Normally $300



(Inquire about the availability of 1:1 Somatic Mentorship or Somatic Packages during your first introductory session)

Make permanent, long-lasting transformation and uncover your...



6 month immersive somatic program

For heart-led leaders ready to experience more 
freedom, joy and efficiency in all they do.


a personal somatic practice

that will change the way your body moves

now and as you age.


with the healing power of whole plant foods to:

optimize your microbiome,

reverse and prevent common health issues, 

and realign your eating habits

with your values and highest wisdom.


your relationship to your body

and experience new levels of confidence

and personal authority in your life.


muscular stress and trauma patterns

that are currently binding you

and experience long-lasting relief

from tension, pain and chronic misalignment

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