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Embarking on a Radiant Journey of Somatic Healing with Parisa

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

This trauma therapist knows the incredible power of somatic healing. She utilizes bottom up approaches in her practice all the time. This modality is unlike anything she's experienced before and I am SO EXCITED to see what transforms and opens in her during this incredible six month experience.

She's already felt the potential of this practice. After 3 private sessions with me back in January, she had substantially less tension and pain than she normally carries.

What's more, Parisa is so smart, passionate and curious, so I am thrilled for the energy she will bring to this powerful container.

(Each group is so unique and I feel so privileged to be their guide!)

She's ready to release of the internal pressure she's learned to live with and she's excited to share her discoveries and elements of this movement practice with her clients, friends and community!

Parisa has so much wisdom and power in her presence and I love helping her feel more at ease in her body.

Can’t wait to see where this new awareness takes her! She is developing a profoundly precious tool for lifelong embodiment.

Here’s what she has to say about our work together:

“I can't remember when I WASN'T tight- extreme low back pain; tight hips; tight shoulders -- It's been this way for years!

After my first session with Aimee, I Immediately felt more limber and taller, almost as if I'd grown a couple inches in our session! A deep feeling of release.

Since beginning our work together, I’m in far less pain!

I'm still in awe of how much my low back has released from these small movements. I've been incorporating then in my daily routine and I always feel calmer within the first few movements.

I feel this work is allowing me to access that much more embodied wisdom within my Spirit and physical form. I can feel myself almost instantaneously dropping into a meditative state that gradually deepens during sessions.

I think other trauma therapists, yoga teachers, athletes, or pretty much anyone who "holds" a lot in their bodies whether mentally, emotionally, or physically would benefit from this practice.

It’s time to let go! And Aimee can help you do that. “

There is ONE SPOT left for this round of Radiance.

We start Nov. 4th.

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