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Overcoming Cerebral Palsy Challenges with Hanna Somatics

Similar to working with someone post-stroke, the focus of my somatic work with someone with CP is primarily about building new neural pathways to their affected limbs.

Here’s what Corey has to say:

“Working with Aimee and learning this technique has given me more awareness and control of the right side of my body and specifically my right hand.

I committed to working with Aimee weekly after our first session. I was amazed to feel my right foot bear more weight and the position of my right hand soften and lengthen.

I was born with Cerebral Palsy and the right arm and leg has been affected by this all of my life. As a child I received physical therapy that helped with coordination and some motor skills, but as an adult there really wasn't much expectation that I could get more use of my hand and arm than I already had.

When I met Aimee, she told me about Hanna Somatics helping to reconnect the motor system of the brain to the body. She said she'd helped someone recovering from a stroke. I was incredibly curious to try it and see if it would help me with my hand.

Within our first few sessions my right hand went from tight, like I might crush something by grabbing it, to softer and more controlled.

Now, I feel more aware of my hand and more likely to use it for basic household things instead of always using my left hand. My arm has been gradually lengthening out and there is more range of motion available in my shoulder.

The exercises she has taught me allow me to continue the work we do in sessions together on my own, which is very useful. I practice mainly in the morning before my workout and before my job, which is physically demanding. Sometimes I practice the movements in the evening, which is a really nice way to wind down and relax.

After every session I feel more balanced in the way I walk and very relaxed. Overall, I've been very impressed with this method and Aimee's ability to guide and teach. I wish more people knew about this work and its powerful effects.

I am thankful for the difference Aimee and Somatics has made in my life over the last 8 months and I'm excited to see what happens as we continue to work together.

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