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Nurturing Tranquility: Aimee's Subtle Movements Transform Pain to Calm! 🌈✨

Her nervous system loves this work! And I love to see her soften and transform from pain and stress to calm and loving - her true nature 🙏

In her words:

“When I met Aimee I was having the most excruciating back, neck and shoulder pain, so much so that there were days I could not move and had to lay on my bed alternating heat pads with ice packs to soothe the painful areas. The pain was often so debilitating that I would cry from the abject hopelessness I felt. I had started resorting to painkillers, having tried everything I could to manage the pain. Nothing seemed to work, and this just compounded my anxiety.

Our first session was a little strange to me as I wondered how such tiny little movements could make a difference. It was closer to the third or fourth session that I started feeling the motion of the movements as they are incredibly subtle. These are not large gestures; they are very small, minute shifts in body awareness such that I began to experience my body more mindfully.

Now, I am more aware of how my body tenses and contracts and becomes clenched and painful to the point where I cannot move.

In these moments, I am taking the time to lay on my yoga mat and do the 20 minute or 40 minute routine that Aimee has generously provided me. The breathing and gentle motions immediately calm my nervous system.

This practice is working really well for me!

Aimee is someone I learned to trust, because she is consistent, present and totally hands-on. She is amongst the most committed, dedicated, competent, and knowledgeable of body practitioners. The passion that she brings to her work is evident in the attentive way she conducts each session. She honestly and truly cares, from the moment she placed her strong hands on my body to her call the next day asking how I felt and if I had any pain.

I would recommend Aimee without a doubt!”

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