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Reclaiming Vitality: A Transformative Journey with Hanna Somatics and Aimee's Healing Touch

I’ve enjoyed an outdoors centered athletic life: bike to work, regular swim, gym and hiking. Various activity injuries caused physical limitations as I aged.

Since my 20’s I experienced lower back and neck tightness that at times verged on spasms. Now in my 70’s I’ve lost five inches in height; my back has accordioned, the discs compressing.

Two years ago my neck was tilting noticeably to the left. It was commented on by friends and family.  At times I was having great discomfort, having to sleep in a certain position, wear a neck brace to avoid a spasm.

I have been guided by a variety of excellent body and movement practitioners: chiropractic, Jin Shin Jyutsu, massage, acupuncture, Neo-Reichian Radix, and Rolfing. They were all beneficial.

I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Aimee for going on five years. When she told me of her training in Hanna Somatics, my interest was piqued when she said that Thomas Hanna had developed his movements from Feldenkrais.  

I did an individual in-person sessions with Aimee in 2020 and in 2021, then had individual zoom sessions the rest of that year. When she developed her Radiance Program, I joined the first group in the Winter of 2022, which continued through last August.

Aimee is extremely empathic and nurturing, well trained and knowledgeable in Hanna Somatics. She begins with the session by reading what is going on in your body by your posture and stance and then tailoring directions to your uniqueness. She is clear and precise in her directions, even when the movement is complicated.

I often go into a trance like space. At the end of the sessions I’m floating. She is one of the very best healers I have met.

For me the main difference between Hanna Somatics and other disciplines is the way it focuses on relaxing; a gentle movement, then just let your body go.

I have incorporated a variety of the movements into my daily life, they have become my automatic response to tension.

After 2.5 years of working with Aimee, the improvement in my body and neck is definite. I feel less tension, my neck has straightened out, and others have told me they see the improvement.

Three cheers for Aimee!

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