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Tension to Freedom: My Journey of Reconstructing Body, Mind, and Soul.

I’ve reconstructed my body, from the inside out.

I lived with so much tension and pain and there was a bulkiness and hardness to my body, particularly my legs.

My whole left side was painful from my lower back and radiating down my leg. Often around the front of my thigh as well.

It “started” after a particular yoga class where I believe I injured myself and then didn’t take any time to rest or recover. It didn’t knock me out, so I kept going like the warrior that I was.

But really, upon deeper searching I found that I had been tense and my posture off since I was a child.

My toes turned in, my knees were knocked. My gait was waddle like and there seemed to be a disconnection between my upper body and lower body.

These muscular patterns created the shape of my body- and until I interrupted them and changed them- they were setting me up for a future involving a hip replacement and a walker.

As I gained more control over my body through yoga, I began to stand and walk with more awareness. I began trying to hold myself in a “good” posture. shoulders back, chest lifted, stomach in! It was hard work! And it made me TIGHTER.

This increasing muscular pressure that I lived under created so much havoc in my life. My decisions didn’t feel fully mine because I was always negotiating with this inner tension.

To be free of that pressure, that pain and carry myself in effortless aligned posture is something I could only dream of 10 years ago.

I did it. My toes and

knees don’t turn in and my body is supple and strong rather than tense and tired.

It’s possible for you too. You can reconstruct the way your body moves, feels and looks!

It doesn’t require fancy equipment, surgery or hours and hours of your life.

I am standing here on the other side of tension. I know how to bring you here.

Freedom of movement is FREEDOM.

Heart-led leader, let me bring you to a joy of living an ease of being that is possible.

Maybe it feels like a dream right now.

Follow the dream.

If you were with me over the weekend during 3 days to radiance, you felt what is possible.

Radiance begins Nov. 4th

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