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Transformative Healing: A Life-Changing Journey with Hanna Somatics and Aimee

Chris has really taken on a regular practice over the years. Everytime I would run into him he would tell how this practice really changed his body and his life. It's been wonderful to get referrals and regular appreciation from him.

Here's what he had to say about Hanna Somatic Education and working with me:

Chris Kroutil, 40, Substitute Teacher

"Hanna Somatic Education has been a life changing experience for me in treating and managing symptoms from a car accident.

After just 30 minutes I am able to transition from the stress of the world into a healing atmosphere by reducing muscle tension throughout my body.

My first Somatics class showed me its potential, but taking regular classes with Aimee has allowed me to reinforce proper technique such that I can have a regular practice on my own.

I am much more able to manage symptoms and function in my daily life as a result of working with Aimee and will always be grateful."

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