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Client Success Stories

Krysta Kinslow, Shadow Work and Ascension Guide

In this clip, Krysta describes her first session with me and the big emotional release she experienced that was connected to the tension she had been carrying in her body.

"We go through our lives feeling like contraction in our body is normal...We've normalized pain, we've normalized, you know, 'shoulder hurts and back pain, I'm just getting older, hahaha, it's so funny.' It's not. And it's not normal, it's something that's trying to get your attention and [Aimee] has such a beautiful way of shining a flashlight on it. Of saying, 'Hey, there's something here for you. Let's do something about it, together."

Laurel Pear - Conflict Resolution Coach, Energy Healer and Graduate of Radiance

"What I’ve learned connects with everything that I do!


It's helped me embody my energy clearing practices more...I have more confidence being in my body and [to continue] to try new things because now I have this tool to lower tension and come out of trauma patterns...This is a wonderful investment for anybody's future. Anybody with a body could benefit from embedding this practice into their daily lives.

I felt instant relief from stress and anxiety in my body after doing just one session with Aimee in her 3 Day’s to Radiance event. 


I asked my dad if he would support me so that I could take her 6-month program and he did, and it has honestly been one of the most helpful things that I have been able to do for my anxiety and overall understanding of wellness and what it means to be healthy.

I have been dealing with severe anxiety on and off since I was little surrounding certain events in my life and for me change can feel really hard, so I have found it very beneficial to have the support as well as the knowledge from this program to be able to use in times of stress but also whenever I need it as this is a lifelong skill. 


I also sometimes succumb to overeating in times of stress but Aimee has helped me with this too by teaching me that I don’t have to get scared or upset when I eat in a way that does not support my actual lifestyle goals but instead I can focus on what to do to balance it all out. 


Having the tools for me has given me so much more confidence to continue living my life, knowing that I am never stuck quite literally. 


I have found that doing these soma movements twice or sometimes three times a day is the most helpful thing that I can do for my anxiety aside from eating healthy."



Laurel attended my 3 days LIVE event and felt a clear connection to this practice.


She felt more in-her-body and knew there was something here for her. As a Hoʻoponopono practitioner, she knows that embodying forgiveness and maintaining a clear channel provide the best and most long-lasting result for her clients.


Getting GROUNDED and having a reliable practice has been GAME-CHANGING for her, personally and professionally!


Laurel has become more embodied, confident and peaceful in my 6 month immersive program RADIANCE: Freedom though Movement and Food. I have loved being part of her incredible healing journey! 


Veronika Lee Hoover

Former Psychotherapist, Former LSCW

Full-time Mama

image000000 2.JPG

I’ve had chronic pain in my left lower back and hip for about 6 years, and it got worse after giving birth to my 2nd child two years ago. My pelvic floor also had transient pain. My quad and IT band were also on fire. It became very hard to workout which provided relief, but also pain. I felt like I was missing out on having fun with my kids and also had to give up a big part of my self-care. 


After my first session, I had immediate relief in my entire back, neck and I felt lighter. It was just so much easier to move. I also noticed I felt happy and it was easier to play and have fun.


Since starting this somatic journey, I started to notice my holding patterns during my usual day to day tasks that contribute to tension and pain. I know how to let it go. In just 5 sessions, my pain is 80% less. My mood is better (my husband says he appreciates how I've been handling disappointments and my daughter now calls me the best mom.. LOL) I can now do workouts again, and use my somatic exercises as a warm up and cool down to ensure my body remembers to let go. 


I worked as a psychotherapist and my work primarily focused on mind-body and energy centers as a way of working through issues and traumas. I also integrated nature connection and plant medicine into my work and personal healing journey.


I had many breakthroughs and realizations of what it was that my own body needed. My husband is a chiropractor and acupuncturist, so I have been able to experience many types of hands on work and advanced technology for my chronic pain.  


I knew inside that my body needed to re-pattern its own memory from “holding on” to “letting go” from the inside out.


When I found Aimee and did my consult, I knew immediately this was what my soul was calling in. I now have a way to work with my body's innate intelligence to heal and let go of old patterns that my body subconsciously kept bringing back into my life. 


It’s allowed me to feel safe, open and surrendered to living fully and even more authentically.  At one point in a session with Aimee, I was brought back to a plant medicine journey where my body knew exactly what it needed but I didn't know how to attain that level of ease without first going through a very scary process of letting go. However, this time, it was gentle like a lullaby, lulling me into ease and comfort. 

Aimee is so present and non-judgmental, not just to what's happening physically, but what might be happening emotionally. I love that she just knows how to tune in and hold space in such a neutral way. 

I’ve been recommending Aimee to all the people I know who are also in the healing community and who are also on a personal journey of self-development and healing!


I began working with Stacy at the start of the pandemic. We were lucky enough to begin working together a few weeks after she had suffered a moderate-severe stroke that affected the right side of her body.



When I met her she was getting around in a wheelchair and had no sensation in her right leg and arm.


She had difficulty communicating, but we quickly bonded.


She has made HUGE progress in the last two years.


We have been working together weekly and she is now able to have her own movement practice that keeps her pain free and supports her life!

Phil Zuckerman, Associate Dean at Pitzer College  & Stacy Elliott,  Archivist at Pitzer College

"Two years ago, my wife Stacy, had a bad stroke. Aimee came highly recommended – to work with her and help her heal her affected limbs, alignment, back, movement, etc. Aimee has been working with Stacy weekly. She has been truly amazing: patient, warm, kind. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body, about balance, about well-being.


Aimee explains thing so well and clearly and thoughtfully. They work on breathing together. Somatic healing. She gives Stacy such wonderful movements and exercises to practice throughout the week, which make Stacy feel so good. 


Stacy always feels so replenished and inspired after every session with Aimee.


Aimee is a wonderful guide, a healer, a trusted teacher. She has been so incredible."

Clista Prelle-Tworek, Licensed Professional Counselor


"Hi, All-- I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (among other roles). For the past 20 years, I have worked with survivors of early childhood trauma, as well as providing integrated treatment for recovery from PTSD, substance use disorders, and for people who live with chronic pain.


I am a survivor of adverse childhood experiences. and live with a chronic pain condition and complex PTSD. I have tried virtually every modality of healing for the body, heart and mind, to try to find relief from the often intense pain I feel. All of the things I have tried have provided some level of relief, for a short span of time. Usually when I worked directly with a practitioner who was administering a treatment through direct body contact (massage, chiropractic, physical therapy).


One of the most wonderful things about Hanna Somatics is that Aimee teaches how to sense my body in a way that provides not only immediate relief while in session with her, but also a method that allows me to connect with my body in a totally new way. I can practice the exercises independently. This is empowering and effective. Aimee is intuitive, and can see and understand what is happening in my body through the video platform. She guides me with patience, compassion and exquisite skill in the Hanna Somatics processes. She helps me map the way my body has coped with trauma over my many decades, and gives me a way forward to navigate daily life with less pain, and a renewed sense of confidence and joy.


Rather than placing the body with an external, abstract. mechanical or cognitive precept of what will help, Aimee helps me feel the deep aspects of my body that are out of balance due to contraction and constriction, and through an elegant and powerful method, guides me to release tension, connect my heart, mind, and spirit with my body in miraculous healing ways.


In addition, Aimee also recommends dietary changes that are congruent with the preferences of my body, and information from other sources, that help me experience optimal energy and digestive processes. This plant based diet is also sustainable for our wounded planet, as well as nourishing for my body. And it is delicious!


This course in Hanna Somatics with Aimee is a blessing, and she is an angel! I am growing in compassion and love for my body and my whole self.


Thank you, Aimee!


Helping Clista reconnect and create a truly loving relationship to her body has been so incredibly beautiful. 

I am very proud to be part of the next layer of her healing process!


Listen to her inspiring interview!



Rosie Velasquez  Founder of The Mystic Rose Studio & Find Your Mojo Coaching


“Aimee is amazing! I seriously can't even remember how long I lived with my neck being stiff. I tried switching different pillows and different sleeping positions and if I couldn't get that right combination I'd wake up with my neck stiff or in some kind of pain.


After a few sessions with Aimee she asked me about my neck pain and honestly I didn't even notice that it was gone. I didn't notice that I hadn't felt the stiffness!  That's how incredible and natural this is! My body remembered and learned how to adjust naturally and today I am walking with a more natural posture because of what Aimee taught me. 


All my aches and ailments are no longer the focus of my day.


 Now, I'm not the best at practicing all the time, but even with the few sessions that I had last year, I still don't have neck pain.  


Aimee is absolutely incredible, she's intuitive, she's so knowledgeable and absolutely cares about your well-being and that radiates through her excitement when she hears about these huge wins you experience when realigning your body and mind.”

Kevin Riel, High School English Teacher at La Jolla Country Day School, San Diego


"Aimee helped me work through a raging case of SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) that had frozen my abdomen with tension and rendered me couch-ridden with persistent reflux.


Aimee helped me refine my posture to aid digestion and used somatics to reintroduce movement to ignite my sluggish metabolism.


When we began working together I was listless and miserable; after two months of weekly treatment, along with the daily mobility exercises that she taught me, I was significantly improved and on the path to recovery.


Over a year later, and my body still craves a nightly dose of somatic movements. "

unnamed copy.jpg

Riki Wolf, RN, BSN, MS, CMT


"What I liked about working with Aimee was how I learned to control muscle groups in a way that would bring about pain relief quite quickly.


She also has a very relaxing and pleasant tone to her voice which I found peaceful and encouraging.


Hanna Somatics techniques are really helpful in maintaining alignment and preventing chronic contraction from recurring. 


At one point, I worked with Aimee on an acute inflammatory issue. My pain was significantly lessened and resolved in 2 sessions. Frankly, I could barely fathom going from excruciating to tolerable in only one hour. 

In general, I recommend HSE to clients who have a long history of their bodies responding with tightening in response to stress or worry.


HSE offers them a way to respond differently and as a result they experience their bodies in a more relaxed and comfortable state."


Chris Kroutil, Substitute Teacher


"Hanna Somatic Education has been a life changing experience for me in treating and managing symptoms from a car accident. 


After just 30 minutes I am able to transition from the stress of the world into a healing atmosphere by reducing muscle tension throughout my body. 


My first Somatics class showed me its potential, but taking regular classes with Aimee has allowed me to reinforce proper technique such that I can have a regular practice on my own.


I am much more able to manage symptoms and function in my daily life as a result of working with Aimee and will always be grateful."

Amanda Weiss, Operations Manager for a Financial Technology Company, Trauma-informed Yoga Teacher


"A healthy diet and exercise have always been important to me but a sudden illness left me with no energy and a very different relationship with my body. While I was able to heal from the illness, I was really struggling to trust my body. I felt disconnected and uncomfortable. 

Working with Aimee helped me to be present in my body again. The chronic tightness in my neck and hip felt immediately better. I no longer felt stuck in a body that felt foreign to me. It allowed me to ease back into my exercise routine with confidence. 


The tools that I learned has allowed me to turn down the volume of daily aches and pains from working a desk job. My experience with Aimee and Somatics truly was life changing and unlike any other modality I have tried." 

IMG_20200824_140644 2.jpg

Katie Wilton, Mom, Wife, Teacher

"When Aimee introduced me to Hanna Somatics, I was having such difficulty with both of my knees that it was a struggle to perform basic tasks and functions like getting up off of the floor, transitioning from sitting to standing and caring for my toddler.


The trouble with my knees had suddenly appeared about three or four months before our session and never let up (in spite of ample stretching!).


I was shocked that after a single targeted Hanna Somatics session with Aimee the problem altogether vanished. Persuaded by the power of this modality and Aimee's effectiveness as a practitioner, we went on to do several sessions together.


I admired Aimee's vigilant checking in with how I was feeling in my body during our sessions and her ability to instantly integrate feedback, as well as her attentive follow up after sessions. Her unique knowledge of this system, as well as extensive understanding of the human body, enabled her to target exactly what was needed for me and produce big results quickly.


I loved her clear, slow, gentle approach to instructing this method. Dissimilar to other physical practices I've turned to in the past, I appreciate that Hanna Somatics focuses on creating change through micro movements, subtle awareness and paying attention to discomfort.

Aimee has a knack for creating a relaxing and soothing experience while paying attention to the most minute details. We worked together virtually, which I had never done before - and I was amazed at how well Aimee could speak to my body as if she were right there, while I got to be in the comfort of my own home.


In spite of 25 years of practicing yoga, learning Hanna Somatics with Aimee gave me a new way of understanding my body as well as a gracious pathway to heal it!"

Mike Warner, Retired Teacher/Coach

"My name is Mike Warner, a former teacher, coach and life-long runner.  Nearly 70, I’ve been running for over 50 years; I have known Aimee since she was in 6th grade. 


As a runner, my number one concern is skeletal alignment.  Leg length discrepancies and hip rotations create imbalances and injuries, and I have the injury history to prove it.  I run up to an hour a day, making alignment critical to me. 


I use simple somatic exercises before I run, which almost immediately correct those areas.  I can literally feel my body coming back into alignment as I do them.  I don’t spend hours doing them, and they’ve reduced the number of chiropractor appointments I’ve needed to accomplish the same thing. 


I was primarily open to Hanna Somatics because of Aimee.  She is brilliant, has a wonderful background in Yoga (she’s taught all over the world), and I trust her implicitly. 


Her program’s emphasis on helping build self-generated practices puts the client in charge.  If I were still coaching, we’d be using these techniques."

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