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Liberation and Hope After Years of Chronic Pain and Illness with Sadie Stockamp

Sadie found me by listening to my podcast while she was traveling. She joined my mailing list and reached out to see if Hanna Somatics could help with the plethora of pain and physical challenges that she had been living with for years.

I was so touched and concerned to hear about her plight that we embarked on a three week 1:1 intensive over zoom with miraculous results.

She's now practicing somatic movements daily and feeling more capable and balanced than she can ever remember.

Here is what Sadie had to say about our time together:

"I’ve trudged through the last 5-7 years with many dysfunctions and lots of pain and I’m only 22 years old. I’ve experienced immense and constant back pain following a tailbone fracture as a young girl. I’ve also struggled with constant dizziness, nausea, random black-outs, jaw locking to the point of not being able to eat, odd skin sensitivity issues, and general body tension and disconnect.

After my first session with Aimee, I was in awe and a bit of a daze. I wasn’t expecting to get right to any huge results but I felt very grounded throughout the session and immediately afterwards.

 I went to bed happy with that shift in energy even if it was just my mind playing tricks on me but then the next morning I woke up and immediately felt that the way I stood was different. My pelvis and tailbone was slightly tucked in, which is a relieving position that I usually have to intentionally move and hold my body to. So I was very excited to see that change and it gave me so much hope and trust in the process going forward.

My favorite thing about working with Aimee is that she got right down to business to start bringing ease into my body. She didn’t give me fluff or fairy dust and tell me to just believe. She gave me the damn wand!! It was always obvious that she does her work to actually educate so that I could understand and morph this somatic work into what works for me even if new health issues come in the future.

Since starting somatic work, I’ve finally felt hope that pain doesn’t have to be forever. That’s the biggest thing to me because it affected my mental health so much to have a lack of hope. But I have gained hope because I experienced moments of ZERO pain for the first time in years. I’ve had new issues or tensions arise and I’ve felt confident that I have the tools to help my body through it.

 I have gained a “me and my body against the world” mindset rather than “me vs. my body”. And pain is a signal now rather than an enemy.

I’ve always believed our body knows how to heal itself and that it WANTS us to feel in alignment. But I never had anything tangible to do much with that belief — no tools — until somatic work.

I’ve already told so many people about Aimee and I think everyone needs to get on a call with her to let your own body convince you. Because it was that first complimentary intro call that I had with her that my body said “yep, we need this”.

Aimee really listens and understands you as an individual human and she’s so knowledgeable that she can tailor this work to you and teach you how to release as well!"

Curious if this work will help you too?

Get on my waitlist for 2024!

Send an email to to inquire.

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