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Regaining Confidence, Happiness, Control and Overcoming a Diagnosis

When I met Emily, she had been living in a level of distress about her right hand that was affecting every aspect of her being. She'd been living with limited use of her hand for 7 years, along with a diagnosis of Focal Dystonia that didn't seem to have a concrete medical treatment or solution. She heard about me and Hanna Somatics through her dear friend Amanda.

Her first experience with me at Amanda's graduation from the Radiance Program inspired her to sign up for my Day Retreat in the San Bernardino mountains. She experienced a shift and felt the tension in her hand soften in a way she had not known was possible. From there, she attending the Somatic Awakening Retreat in October 2023. After 3 days of somatic movement, hands-on education/bodywork, delicious plant-based meals and recconnecting to her body in a deeply nourishing way, Emily felt like she had taken 15 years off her face in addition to feeling a sense of relaxation, strength and control in her body that she'd not experienced for years.

She enrolled in the winter round of the Radiance Program and within the first 2 month of the 6 month program she was writing legibly with her right hand for the first time in 7 years! Emily is graduating next month and shares her experience with this life-changing practice and what it's done for her in the last year.

""The practice I have learned in Radiance makes me feel at peace and at one with the world.

It allows me to open my eyes and be grateful for all the blessings around me and in my life.

I decided to join the program after struggling with Dystonia in my right hand for the last 8 years. I also hoped to address my anxiety and overall health.

With the Dystonia, I had been experiencing reduced function of my right hand, tightness and muscle cramping that made it difficult to write and had forced me to stop working out and taking classes at the gym.

At first, I was unsure how much it would improve my daily pain and issues.

I’d done western medical treatments with Botox and psychologists, physical therapy, and cognitive workshops for my Dystonia.

However, this program has been the most promising and beneficial for my overall mental and physical health.

Within the first three months, I was writing better at work! And I realized that my Dystonia and muscle tightness affected more parts than just my right hand.

I found patterns that I could recognize tensing up, especially when anxious.

And I found balance and a path to feeling my best!

I’m back to working out! I was worried my hand and arm tightness would worsen with swimming and lifting weights but I’m back to doing the physical activities I loved 8 years ago that I had to stop with my Dystonia diagnosis.

I also found the Food Conversation in Month 2 to be extremely helpful. I felt so great after tweaking my diet.

I’m reading a suggested book, following new instagram pages, and incorporating the knowledge into to my cooking.

I want to be healthier than I’ve even been even as I get older!

I found Aimee to be extremely knowledgable in the subject of Somatics and wellness.

She’s passionate yet gentle and patient. She invites us to learn and gives us space and grace knowing other life commitments still go on.

After a movement practice I feel : BLISS.

I’m so relaxed that sometimes I’m not wanting to go back to life so that the beauty of the moment lasts longer.

And I feel so grateful to have made that practice appointment with and for myself!

Everyone can benefit from this program/practice. And anyone can do it!

The benefits are endless.

Thank you so much, Aimee for creating this for us!"

APPLY HERE to completely change the way your body moves and feels from the inside out!

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