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For the
the Freedom-Lover,
the Consciousness-Expander 
calling in Wisdom made Flesh

This somatic movement course blends the physical, philosophical and energetic components of Hanna Somatics. Unlike other programs that can feel overly clinical, this journey is for the poetic, adventurous seeker who desires a more relatable and mystical interpretation while remaining grounded in evidence-based approaches.


Your Body is Wise...

If you have pain and tension in your back, shoulder or hips,


you are living with 


untapped somatic potential. 

Your habitually contracted muscles are wasting your precious energy.

"We've normalized pain, you know: 

'My shoulder hurts and I have back pain. I'm just getting old. hahaha, it's so funny!'

It's not. It's not normal, it's something that's trying to get your attention and Aimee has such a beautiful way of shining a light on it.

Of saying: 

'Hey, there's something here for you. Let's do something about it, together."
Krysta Kinslow, Shadow work and Ascension Guide

Life Creates Tension...

Have you ever tried to think your way out of a feeling?

Maybe you've been to talk therapy and you've gained valuable mental insight into your life, and yet...

That tightness in your chest, the nervousness in your hands, the clenching of your jaw persists.


Reminding you, everyday, that you are not really free. 
While the stress of life will persist, you can build the somatic capacity to navigate with more control, ease and grace.
You can b
ecome muscularly resilient which will reinforce resilience on all levels.

Do you want more mental and emotional resilience?

You yearn for deeper intimacy...

To connect with another and be fully seen is a profound human need. 

Whether it's in your business, your closest relationships or your sex life, you can only open up to others as much as you have opened up to yourself and your body.

Feeling safe to be seen and heard is a physical experience.


Your tight neck and sore back?

Your body has been calling out to you through pain, tension and discomfort. It has been asking for your tenderness and attention. 

In Revive, you will learn to listen and meet your body's basic need for comfort. 

Your muscles and nervous system will feel deeply heard through this incredibly kind and loving practice. 

Every relationship in your life will benefit from this intimate time you spend meeting your own needs.

You will develop and deepen your ability to connect powerfully with with your clients, business partners, lover(s) and family members.

image000000 2.JPG

"I knew inside that my body needed to re-pattern its own memory from “holding on” to “letting go” from the inside out. 


When I found Aimee and did my consult, I knew immediately this was what my soul was calling in.


I now have a way to work with my body's innate intelligence to heal and let go of old patterns that my body subconsciously kept bringing back into my life.

My mood is better!


My husband says he appreciates how I've been handling disappointments and my daughter now calls me the best mom!"

- Veronika Lee Hoover, Former Psychotherapist and Founder of Dart Creek Forest School


Adventure Awaits...

Your life is meant to be lived fully and authentically.

Awakening your body intelligence, your innate instinct and your intuition is the greatest adventure of all.

What has been unconsciously limiting you?



Is your ongoing stress sucking the joy out of simple living?


There is a little known, practical and long-lasting solution.


Throughout Revive, you will experience a truth the few know:

Your body is built to release muscles through a specific way of moving.

And through this life-changing practice, you will embark on the adventure to integrate body-mind-spirit; you will meet your Soma.

What my students say...


-7 live ZOOM classes 

-Inspirational, self-paced curriculum

-Lifetime Access to the movement library

-Daily practice videos

-Stellar, supportive community 

-Build a movement practice 

-Deepen your body intelligence/intuition/awareness 

-Learn to release stress, pain and tension patterns from your body 

-Increase strength, coordination and performance 

-Get connected to your highest truth/self 

Meeting Over Zoom : Sundays from 9:30-11am PST (with 30 min Q & A to follow)

Class Dates: March 31, April 7th, April 14th, April 21st, April 28th, May 5th and Final Class on May 25th


Beth Warner,

"I am confident that people can learn to release tension and change even long-held patterns of trauma and pain.

This is safe and effective for anyone."

testimonials - parisa frost.jpg

Parisa Frost,
Trauma Therapist


"I feel this work is allowing me to access more embodied wisdom within my Spirit and physical form."


Laurel Pear
Conflict Resolution Coach

"I have more confidence being in my body and try new things because now I have this tool to lower tension and come out of trauma patterns"


Soma is a greek word that generally means "body". 


But more than that, it is your:


first person experiential reality, memories, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, life experiences, soul, essence all held within your biological body.


Somatic Practices connect us to our ongoing inner experience and increase our body intelligence as well as our intuition and instinctual awareness.

What Hanna Somatics?


This little known modality is known as "a rapidly effective euro-muscular re-education method".


But the implications and benefits to this practice extend far beyond pain relief.

This movement practice works to re-educate your nervous system on a very deep level:

by way of your motor cortex.

This increases proprioceptive awareness (knowing where you are in space) as well as interoceptive awareness (knowing what is happening internally) so that your ability to differentiate between what is you and what is not you increases.

Zoe Hewett, Exercise Physiologist, Yoga Instructor and Former Elite Gymnast

“I can’t unlearn the concepts of this movement practice and it is already integrating into my personal health identity and into my professional life as a movement teacher.

This practice has the ability to foster a strong connection to self, and therefore, to purpose.“

Leader of the Expedition

+9 years personal experience using this method to come out of debilitating chronic tension and pain

Extensive and continuously developing knowledge of neurophysiology

A playful yet deeply illuminating communication style

+10 years guiding movement and working with different bodies

Kindness and Neutrality as tenants of my teaching

A calm, soothing tone and manner that enables you to connect quickly and deeply with your body

780 hrs of yoga teacher training and thousands of hours of practice

A genuine interest in YOU and your individual human experience

Learn More About Me Here


Overview of Modules

This 9 week course will have 5 modules

Module 1 : Body

Weeks One and Two

-Become a Loving Partner to Your Body :

Understanding the basics of Hanna Somatic Movement and how to work WITH your body instead of against your body.

-The Body Keeps The Score:

Gain deep, experiential insight into how your body has held your life experiences in your body.

-Releasing Unconscious Patterns:

Learn how to release tight and constricted musculature back to a more natural, intended length.


Module 2 : Mind

Weeks Three and Four

-Thoughts and Feelings Create Contraction:

Discover how your thoughts and feelings impact your individual musculature.

-You Are Here To LIVE:

Learn about your nervous system and what it really means to regulate.

-Somatic Philosophy 101:

How do you live somatically? And what gets in the way?


Module 3 : Heart

Weeks Five and Six

-Cultivating Love From Self:

Creating Physical Safety to Experience All Feelings

-Soma to Soma:

Exploring connection to community, flora, fauna and unseen beings.

-Courage of a Fearless Heart:

Understanding the function and brilliance of fear and living with less of it!


Module 4 : Spirit

Integration Weeks Seven and Eight

-Personal Practice Experiment:

Dedicate time to solo practice and see what emerges in your being.

-Staying Etherically Connected:

Communicate and share with classmates over WhatsApp and notice how you hold them in your aura.

-Exploring the Arch Soma:

an invitation into collective wisdom and knowledge: how does it show up in your physical body?


Module 5 : Soma

Week Nine : Graduation and Closing Ceremony

Beginning Your Next Adventure

In this final class, we will revisit your seed from module one and plant NEW a seed of being in our bodies inviting deeper somatic growth and possibility to be experienced in divine timing.

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