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Transforming Pain and Anxiety into Radiant Happiness: Amanda's Journey with Hanna Somatics

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Amanda was struggling with anxious and depressive thoughts throughout the day. Either too much uncontrolled energy or lethargy.

She already had an on-again, off-again relationship to Hanna Somatics but hadn’t really invested the time in making it a priority.

When I reached out to her and asked if she wanted to join, she felt like it was a sign from the universe.

The group energy and the structure really benefitted her (she already knew the power of the movements!)

and she’s feeling (dare we say it!) HAPPY and balanced in her life for the first time!

“When I started the Radiance Program I had chronic pain and was looking for a new way to manage stress.

Since beginning the program, I am able to observe how connected my stress is to the pain in my body. I have the tools to lessen (or rid!) my body of the daily pain I had been experiencing for so long! This allows me to have a much more even mood in even tough situations. I have also have so much more energy through out the whole day.

I had been practicing somatics with Aimee for a few years but the deep dive this program takes you on into your body is so different than having an on and off practice. Hanna somatics is a modality unlike any other I have regularly practiced.

I struggled with "gentle" types of yoga because it forced me to observe and be inside of a body that I didn't trust or feel comfortable in. Hanna somatics has taught me how to experience, observe and be friends with my body again in a way that feels safe. It also teaches you how to slow down in an authentic way.

So many modalities, including many types of yoga, can disconnect us from what is happening in our bodies when the focus is "perfection" or a no pain, no gain mentality. It can, unfortunately, turn in an escape from our emotions, our bodies and ourselves.

Aimee’s way of guiding is authentic and graceful. She is incredibly honest and holds space for all the different experiences you may have. She is full of so much knowledge and takes the time to present it in a way that is digestible and takes the time to check in and fill the gaps when there are questions.

I really enjoyed the food conversation! I think there is so much misinformation with diet culture, fads and the commercialization of nutrition. I have always been connected to what I eat but it shifted my thinking in why I make the choices I do and explore some different recipes and ways of eating. It also made me feel comfortable exploring my relationship with some food sensitivities. And I am eating more fruit and it has helped me have a more sustained energy throughout the day!

Having a calmer nervous system has allowed me to explore my relationship with food and how it truly makes me feel because I am not experiencing a constant state of anxiety/depression.

Whenever we finish our movement session, it feels like a combination of just having had a massage, finished a workout and meditated. I always feel the tension in my body turn down or off, I feel more connected and "inside" of my body and have a general feeling of well being. Sometimes it makes me feel a little loopy but in a good way.

I manage multiple teams at work and I have had the energy to be present and calm for them in even adverse situations. I have so much more energy because I am not constantly bouncing between anxiety and depressive thoughts on a daily basis, I feel so much more balanced.

Teaching my body how to truly let go has allowed me to experience and process memories from the past that I had forgotten but my body was holding on to. I have way more energy to do the things I love!

Stress and pain do not control my life anymore and I feel free and safe in my body for the first time!

I wish everyone had the opportunity to do this program!


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