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You have a light inside. 

Let me help you uncover it.

I am Aimee Takaya.

I help heart-led leaders, Yoga Teachers, Coaches, Therapists and Creative Visionaries become more somatically aware in their bodies so they can :


~ release muscular tension and pain

~ perform at a higher level in all they do

~ move easily and age gracefully

~ ground their wisdom and knowledge into their bodies

~ impact the world with their RADIANCE.

The tension in your back. The ache in your neck.

Your body has been calling out to you.

I will show you how to deeply listen and respond.

You can be in your body in a way that is


blissful, calm and free.

Everything that came before:

Therapy, Mindset, Yoga, Energywork, Spiritual Guidance, Meditation, Academia

will all come together and be integrated through the


of your body intelligence, your somatic nature.


lived in chronic tension and pain for seven years.

I struggled with food and health issues most of my life.

I am on the other side of struggle.

Let me take you there.


In my attempts to heal myself through force,

I created resistance in myself which

kept me stuck.


Going with yourself, instead of against yourself

is the key to creating freedom

within your body.




When you get out of your own way

and become a loving partner to yourself

rather than an authoritarian

you allow things to FLOW.

Helping a trauma specialist deepen her somatic awareness and heal...

Work with me...


1 : 1  with Aimee Takaya

Intuitive Hanna Somatic Education

Guidance through gentle movement to release tense muscles back towards their natural intended length.


Release deep layers of tension and create ease and freedom of movement.

Tenderly address pain, trauma and stress patterns and experience a flow of energy throughout your system. 


90 Mins



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