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A Somatic Physical Therapist’s Journey: From Hip Fracture to Empowering Healing Release From Tension

Beth has not only freed her own body with what she's learned in the program, she is helping her clients!

I love having movement experts in my program. They are so excited when they discover what’s possible.

Yoga Teachers, Pilates Instructors, PTs, Osteopaths get to experience deep relief in their own bodies and understand their clients needs on a whole new level!

"Since a hip fracture in 2018 I have had ongoing pain and reduced mobility. I joined the Radiance Program because I wanted to learn how to release muscle tension and reduce pain overall, as well as to get back to my pre-injury levels of mobility.

After the first 3 months of the program I have had a significant reduction in pain. My gait, walking and endurance have improved, and I am better able to self-regulate physical and emotional tension and stress.

Now, I have an even greater appreciation of the contribution of habitual muscle tension to pain and reduced function.

And as a Physiotherapist, I am confident that people can learn to release tension and change even long-held patterns of trauma and pain.

This is safe and effective for anyone.

I liked the structure of a combination of education + group movement practices + individual sessions, I think it works very well!

Aimee is both intelligent and intuitive as a teacher. She is calm and gentle but also encouraging and genuinely enthusiastic and supportive of the changes people are making.

After a movement session with Aimee, I usually feel calm, clear and much lighter. I notice changes in the way I hold myself and move.

I really loved our group sessions. I found the structure of having a weekly appointment to be really helpful, and learned a lot from the other people in our group

Even though there was quite a bit that I already knew during the food conversation, it was helpful to re-focus my attention on trying to heal my gut though food and to notice the connection between my long-standing allergies, food issues and the tension in my body. I have integrated the food knowledge in my daily life and this has helped me to have less anxiety and fear around food and eating.

"I have renewed faith in my body to move and in particular, to walk long distances again. I am able to in the moment notice increases in tension and release them.

Everyone would benefit from this program! But especially movement teachers and practitioners.

I found the knowledge and movement practice helped to solidify a lot of my spiritual inclinations, and I was able to connect more with the things that are nourishing to my soul, and prioritize those.

I will absolutely be practicing these movements every day and I also with my own patients!"


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