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Creating Freedom From Pain @ Joshua Tree Music Festival

Joshua Tree Music Festival was just voted THE NUMBER ONE music festival in the U.S. by USA Today!

It's easily turned into MY favorite festival in the last year...

I'm honored to be invited back to be a presenter at the Positive Vibration Station.

This year I'll be guiding everyone through


-a somatic movement playshop-

Saturday, May 18th



In this light-hearted and interactive movement presentation, Aimee Takaya will explore the purpose of pain and the practical ways we can release it and build a new relationship to it.

She will guide participants in experiencing their bodies in a new and empowering way through micro-movements, slow attentive release and stillness.

Come experience liberation from the paradigm of human suffering and enjoy a few belly laughs!


Additionally, I'll be offering hands-on somatic release sessions in The Healing Oasis all weekend long!

Come see me and my magical healer pals and take off that layer of stress and feel your most free and alive self on the dance floor!!

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