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EP 19 - Healing and Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship with Christina Gomes

Self-development and entrepreneurship tend to go hand in hand. This is because it takes a lot to be self-directed, self-motivated and consistently put yourself out there in the world.

When we take an even bigger leap, like starting a healing or coaching business, there is even more personal work that we are called to do.

Entrepreneurship then becomes a powerful journey in your own self-healing. Guides and mentors along the way are invaluable and worth the investment: you are not only investing in your financial freedom, but your personal, soul liberation as well!

Christina Gomes spent years "free". Traveling the world as a yoga teacher, musician and entrepreneur. It worked for a while, but when she ran up against health challenges and the reality of her finances she realized that something needed to shift: she was being called into the next level of her growth and development.

From living in a van to her mom's couch to becoming a sought after guide for soul-led entreprenuers, Christina shares her story of facing her reality head on, creating a vision for her life and getting the support and resources to truly make her dreams a reality.

We discuss:

-selling as a service

-finding freedom and facing limitations

-transforming your relationship to money

-the power of subtle practice VS big "peak" experiences

-handling triggers and boundaries as a coach/healer

-fulfillment beyond a dollar sign

and so much more!

Christina Gomes is a business coach for visionary leaders who are ready to raise their rates with integrity and sell high-value offers that raise the vibration of the planet. Connect with her on instagram @the.mystical.muse or check out her offerings at


A: Every day there is a forgetting and every moment there is the possibility of remembering. Remembering who you truly are, awakening to your body, to the inner world and experience of being alive. Here is where you find the beauty, the joy. Here is where you free your Soma. Hello and welcome to the Free Your Soma podcast, Stories of Somatic Awakening and How to Live from the Inside Out. Today I have a wonderful guest with me, Christina Gomes. She is a business coach who works with conscious creators. She works with mentors, healers and guides to help them build their online businesses, to help them raise their prices to a frequency that aligns with them. I have a personal relationship with Christina because it was Christina's program that I first did last year when I decided to take my somatic work online and do it for real, do it big instead of the small time way that I had been doing it for the last years. I'm really excited to be at this point in my process where here I am with a podcast interviewing the person who mentored me in the beginning of my coming out as an entrepreneur. Welcome, Christina. Hi, would you like to introduce yourselves to our audience? Yes.

C: Wow, that was such a great introduction, like mirroring of what it's really about. Yeah, I'm Christina Gomes and I identify as an artist, as a singer-songwriter, as a traveler, all sorts of things. And I know we're going to talk about being a whole human today. And the hat that I wear most often that I really love to wear is this entrepreneur hat and mentor for other entrepreneurs. I love what you said about going big and I might just change my whole insta bio right now. I help people go big. Simple as that.

A: Awesome. Yeah, I mean, it was such a process for me to even, you know, I first, we were connected on Instagram for years because we met at a festival in the Arctic Circle. In the very top of like the world, we met at this festival and we were both working there while kind of working. It was like a very wild, haphazard kind of environment. So, you know, as best as we could, we were serving at the festival. And yeah, as yoga teachers, and we met there and just stayed connected through social media. And like, you know, I was on and off social media and I would like bounce back in every once in a while. I'll be like, oh, wow, Christina seems to be up to some cool stuff. Like, well, she's having some fun out there. Like she's she's learning how to use the social media thing. And then all of a sudden one day, your content is speaking to me. It's speaking to me as like a creative, magical person who is not really living in their potential, who is kind of feeling like like an undiscovered genius or like someone who has power to share and feels like impotent in the world of how to share it, of how to get my message across. And so it was like, you were speaking to me and I was like, damn, like, she's right. Like, I do have something to say and I want to say it, you know. And yeah. And so there was a whole process even after I what's the word I enrolled, I sent like you, you know, my I filled out the whole form, the application to work with you. And then I got cold feet. And then you had to like walk me through weeks, actually, of, you know, conversing with me to get me to like, basically do what I said I wanted to do. And I thank you so much for that now. But yeah, maybe you can say something about that, like, you know, having me suddenly this person you met, because this probably happens all the time, someone you met once upon a time steps into like your waiting room, basically, right. And in that process in which you're helping them to overcome their anxieties and their fears and their insecurities about making this big step in their lives.

C: I love that you said that it is one of my favorite stories because as I teach around sales and having a seamless sales process and making sale fun and having sales be a part of the service. When you say it like that of like your gratitude and that actually it's like, oh, OK, I can also sell in this way. That's what I teach. That's why is a service is when I'm mirroring and modeling a different way that it can be done of like, oh, OK, you don't want it right now. Well, then you don't then you don't get it. Then the prices go up and it's like, of course, we want to be transparent if our prices are going up, if there is a limited time offer and that's all out of love. But we actually get to focus on what we're actually hearing in sales conversations. And when I'm hearing I can't afford it or I have fear, I'm not hearing anything bad about me or that I'm doing something wrong or that's that's it. Like say sales isn't for me. I'm hearing, oh, how can I guide this person and help this person? And how can I make it not about me? And how can I see that? Oh, this is very normal and help my people to normalize what's really going on. So I was so happy. I am happy to have several calls with people because I know that my invest the best in my program is a powerful investment. And so when we're stepping into our power, yeah, some we have questions. And so I'm not the person here that's like, well, you have questions. What you want to know everything about the process. It's like, no, of course. And of course, your people want to know a little bit about your process and how you work. So when I help people to enroll their people, I'm really getting down to the nitty gritty of how we can have these conversations and they're not much different than our coaching style or the desire to help people. So thank you for bringing that that up. It was fun.

A: Yeah, I mean, it's it's now something I'm on the other end of, you know, enrolling people in my program and talking to them about this decision that I can feel that in their soul, they want to make and there's things that are in the way, you know, and knowing like that what I'm inviting them to do while it is like a real life, like actual monetary investment, which by the way, I think is like a really great thing for people actually in the long run, because then they're committed to doing it. They're actually they put their money on the table and said, like, this is something that I'm paying for and I'm going to get my money's worth. You know what I mean? But also beyond that, that they are that they have those those worries and those anxieties and those fears and some of it might be about money. But like at the end of the day, like what I'm offering them and what I'm what I'm inviting them into is a real life changing transformation that is priceless, you know, and and and helping them to make the decision that feels most resonant for them at this time. Right. And I mean, I've had that. I mean, I have one woman in my program right now who wanted to do it last round, but had some things that were in the way and they were real life things that were in the way. But now she's in this round, you know, so that balance of not pushing too hard that you like make people feel like, you know, intruded upon, but like pushing just enough to make it really clear, like, you know, you want this, this change, this transformation, this new way of like experiencing your life. And like, I want to help you with that, whether it's right now or two months from now, like I want to be that person for you to help you with this.

C: Oh, I love that. It's like, I know I say soulful sales and kind of when I look at people's message and they just like put a sacred in front of everything, I'm like, but I really think about why I call it soulful sales is because we get a chance to look at our own stuff and anything that we can't meet in a sales conversation is simply because we haven't met it in ourselves first. So why people have a better time enrolling people into their programs after they come through my program? Yes, I teach them what they could possibly say, but more importantly, as I help them to see where are they still objecting to their own power? Where are they still saying, I can't or I can't afford this. I can't afford that. And and it could actually be true. It could be actual truth, but like we're looking at the price of something. We're looking at the money in the bank account and it doesn't match. And when I know that I'm capable of creating that investment, I'm capable of creating the life I really want to live. The investment somehow arrives in my vicinity each and every time. So we first get to be open to why is the thing that we want more valuable than money in our own lives? And then when then we're easily able to express that in the sales conversations, because it's not about money, it's about, well, if you like, they want the priceless thing on the other side of the investment. And the investment is more about now I'm spending my time here. Now I'm really doing the work. Now I I I'm invested. Investment is different than invested because some people will invest and still won't like show up like they could. And that's OK. That's a learning as well. That's a lesson as well. And I find that when people put down the money, like you said on the table, that they show up differently and they receive on a different level than when I was trying to teach things for cheap. My clients weren't receiving as powerfully. And it it got me looking at the healing power of money and healing my own my own things around money because it wasn't it wasn't as easy as it wasn't easy for me and I couldn't figure it out. I'm just like, why does this person so just make money so readily? And people would say, OK, they were born with money. They've maybe not had these things that you've had. And I'm like, but I'm determined to not other like I'm determined to go. It's OK. I haven't had a different life circumstance. But how can I rate then? How can I raise the bar on my own life? Right.

A: Well, and you've done a lot of work around this. I remember like, you know, when I first signed up for your conscious creative business school, you also had another program that was specifically about healing your relationship with money. And I remember listening to you talk about that process for you because, you know, how long ago was that now that you like first stepped into this space of I recognize that the reason that I'm not like a wealthy person, right? And living on like, you know, you were living in your car. You were living you were living with a backpack on like, you know, just no home like practically like the fancy version of homeless. Right. And. Exactly. You don't have like, you know, a bedroom. And. You how long ago was that that you started this process of healing your relationship with money and healing your relationship with worth? Like what what's worthy within you? Because I know you talk about that a lot.

C: Yeah, I love this question because it is a process. It's an ongoing process. And each and every time that I raise my price, the old thoughts and patterns and questions come back around. I just now have a process and a care and a loving awareness around those thoughts that I didn't have back then. When I was, I like to say home free. I love that you said the fancy version of homeless because it truly was a choice. And for many years, it was the necessary path because I it's not like before that, I wasn't making money. I was a psychotherapist for youth and foster care. And I made around $60,000 a year. And, you know, after taxes and all of that, like I still brought in enough to live paycheck to paycheck. So that's what I saw was like, even when I was making money, I looked back at my timeline and I was living in Hawaii, which is pretty expensive. That's why I was probably a higher paid psychotherapist and was still living paycheck to paycheck in a house full of five other people. You know, I had a car, but it wasn't the nicest car. But we get into this kind of patterning in society. And I just realized that there was might be something more. I hadn't been like in the spirituality world yet. I just started going to yoga as a place to like heal my body, not also my spirit. And so I I I was like, OK, the little bits of yoga that I was learning. I was like, I feel like there's something more. I'm just getting the tip of this what life is really like. And so luckily I am hearing luckily, luckily, I was stuck. I was stuck because my job wasn't a bad job. It wasn't like I was doing that upon the world or like, you know, really like down and out or in rock bottom. I was just like casually low grade depression, drinking on the weekend with my friends, like just waiting for some military man to scoop me up and marry me. That's I live near a military base, like we were going bar hopping. And I was like, dang, like I'm in my mid 20s, like it's got a change, no. And so I got a wake up call from the universe and I got attacked on the job. So I kind of had no choice. It wasn't like this thing that I like just we're like, oh, I think I should heal my money things. I got like kicked out of my life. I got kicked out of my job. I couldn't go back to work. Yeah. So I took some time off and I started studying myself in the science and holistic philosophy of yoga. And I said, I want to travel. I want to live my life. I want to be free. So I called it home free and I traveled for six years. And around the midpoint of that, I met you in the Arctic Circle. And I was doing pretty good for myself. I was working for myself, which felt amazing. That felt free. And tomorrow I'm hosting a lesson called sovereign and hosting a four day event called sovereign savage and sold out. And what I want to speak about upon tomorrow and today is that. Being sovereign over my mind, that was cool. Being like free to roam. That was cool. But when I got sick, when I needed to make a choice, when I needed to fly to the next place, I wasn't free because I did not have financial freedom. I mean, I lived in a van. And so it's like that was my bedroom. But I was like, oh, it's home for you. It's home for you. It's home for you. It's cute. And then it was not cute anymore when I had gallstones and I was sick and I all the choices weren't possible for me to heal naturally. Like I was really and felt pinned up against the wall because I didn't have as many choices. I couldn't even fly home. I didn't have enough money to fly to my parents' house. And so it really like stood out that, OK, I had lived a life of freedom. But like I get to add financial freedom into this mix. And so I started on that path.

A: That's incredible. I mean, I related so much to what you were saying in the beginning about having this job that's just kind of like it's not bad. It's pretty good. You're generally doing something like that you can feel good about in the world. But you're sort of in this complacency. Because when before I became a world traveler, because I was also doing something similar, having this kind of nomadic lifestyle, I worked for Barnes and Noble booksellers, which is like a cool job. And I worked in the children's department and, you know, they were kind of like the upper management of the store, like the general district manager or something was kind of eyeballing me because he thought I would be good to bring in to like corporate and work in HR. And so there was this potential, you know, like kind of thing hanging over my head of like, oh, you're going to get promoted and to go into work for headquarters. And, you know, there was part of me that was like, oh, yeah, I mean, I could do that. That would be like a pretty good career move if this was going to be my career. But like you, I was really not satisfied with that. Like that being the end result of like my time. I had also discovered yoga and was really interested in pursuing that. And when I went to my yoga training, I met all these people who were traveling the world teaching yoga, and I was like, that's what I want to do. I don't want to work for HR for a corporation. I want to travel the world and have that freedom. And so I feel like in so many ways, like what you've just described mirrors my own experience and that limitation that you ran up against, it was like, I'm free, but I'm free, but for you, it was a money thing. And I mean, for me, at some point, it's become a money thing too. Like I've realized that I had blockages there within myself, which is part of why, you know, I listened to you and I joined your program as like, she's right. I do have blockages about this and it's personal work that needs to happen in me. For me, the limitation that happened while I was in that process traveling and I met you kind of right in the middle of when all of this was going on was the pain in my body, the pain in my body. Even though I was a yoga teacher and I was traveling the world and I was doing all this stuff, there was like a tension and maybe you can relate to this that like ongoing changing your environment, right? And stressing your body has an impact on your nervous system. Right. And I was living with my nervous system toned up in addition to like injuries and past traumas that were in my body that were making me feel not free. I was not feeling free in my body because I was in pain every day that I woke up. And that was actually the catalyst for me to go into somatic education, which is something I'd already known about, but I had a knot decided to go for it. I wanted yoga to be my thing. I wanted all these other things to be the thing. But the thing ended up being already there. And the thing that I really needed to get that freedom back in my body. So I love that you share this because these limitations that we come up against in life, they lead us into deeper healing. They lead us into our next level offering of what we're here to give to the world. Yeah.

C: Oh my goodness. I just wrote down scared of healing because this morning I had another realization and I shared it with a friend in a little voice note, having a little conversation because this friend is where I was a few years ago, where it was a realization of like, yeah, sure, I've left the system and like I feel free from that and that's lovely. And now I can't do everything I want to do. I can't do everything I want to and that brings pain in my mind and in my body. And actually the pain in the body was these gallstones. And it with gallstones, they say, you got to go to surgery. Everything we researched, even my yoga teacher, I was living in an ashram in Thailand at the time, living with my yoga teacher. And even my yoga teacher was like, what did the doctor say? And so I'm like, wow, I'm going to have to have emergency surgery in a foreign country. This is serious and I need to be able to have more choice than this. And I was living in the ashram. Yes, I was helping and volunteering and it was lovely. And it was, but it brought me back to that same place when I was working, was I was still working for her. I was still under her kind of rigid rules. And it was very yogic and it was very dog, it was dogmatic yoga. And it was like, these are the principles of yoga and you can't veer around it. And me as a creative, I believe that this is why these little balls were created in my gallbladder of like little stored up things that I never got to say. Little stored up ideas that I knew were brilliant. Like you said, that genius, this undiscovered genius that I knew were brilliant. But I was just waiting for someone to discover me. I was waiting for someone to pluck me from the street and be like, wow, you can really sing. Here's an album deal or wow, you can really teach. Here's like, here's a school. And that was even what was happening was I was being. What bread was being groomed, primed, primed to teach yoga in her way. And there were so many things that I was resistant to because my design is not to work for someone else. My design is to express freely and be fully expressed. So I realized quickly, slowly that these balls, these gallstones, these stones stored in my gallbladder were from me not making choices for myself and not having the means to be able to make the choice. So I gathered as much money as I could and I went and I moved to my mom's couch. Like I'm at this point, 30 something. Like I'm no longer mid 20s when I left my first job. It's like, for your job, now I'm mid 30s and I'm living on my mom's couch. Like, I was, I like made the best of it. I was like, he, I'm like, this will be the story. This will be the story I tell someday. I'm like, look at me now. I'm telling it. But the point about the healing of the money was like, I don't want to make what we do sound like we're only doing it for the money. And it's like we are and we get to create things and work completely for ourselves and be able to do that we need to be fully resourced. So I switched from kind of like this low cost, these low cost courses to these high value offer. But what took me so long, kind of bringing this full circle was me actually being scared of freedom, the full freedom and time. Like what if my nervous system was regulated? What if I was just chill and I had so much space like I do now? I have so much space in my calendar right now that like I get to actually do myself development practices. And now when I don't do the morning walks or I'm not taking care of myself, there's no one else to like be like, ah, you know, like rip or like blame, you know, there's no one to blame. And not that I blame myself anymore, but like I really get to face my patterns, face my shit and go, well, there's support around. There's, I know this, I've been here before and I was scared of that actually. So it kept me in this loop of not earning money because if I was truly financially free and I did have all the space in my calendar, then I would have no choice but to empower myself and grow and that can be scary.

A: Oh, totally, yes. Facing your shit is not like an easy thing by any means, right? And it's easier to just like avoid some, you know, avoid it somehow, which is human to avoid hard things, but it's also human to be courageous and to really go for what's gonna satisfy your soul in the end, you know, and I can totally relate to that. I have an amazing, amazing coaching call from one of my guides where we looked at like, if I'm holding onto this whole story of things that happened before and then all the emotions and the upset of those things that happened, like what is the purpose of like my getting stuck in the past and stuck in this little pattern? Like what does that really do for me? Well, it keeps me in what's familiar. It keeps me in what's safe because who would I be if that story didn't trigger me? I would actually be free to just step into now, into right now and be the person who's not like attached to that noise and who that person is who's not attached to that story or that noise of, you know, who's to blame, right? For me being, you know, not who I wanna be at this moment or whatever, right? It's a note. I don't know who that person is. I don't know who that Amy is yet. And that alone is actually scary, just unknown, just not knowing how to go about being that person, how it is to show up as that person. And I feel you like in this entrepreneurial process, like, you know, in order to sell, I guess, you know, myself as the product, I mean, we have our tools, we have our techniques, we have our methods, but at the end of the day, like I hired Christina Gomes because I hired you as a person, not just because you had like a cool website, right? And so for you or me to show up as our full authentic self so that people know what they're purchasing, so that people can want to work with us, that's scary, you know, that requires showing up as yourself and not as some imagined perfect, you know, identity that you would like to be, right?

C: I love that. I wrote down a deeply love yourself and I was actually also speaking of fear and healing. It wasn't that I deeply loved myself, didn't love myself. Like people would be like, wow, you're the one of the most confident people I've ever met. And what I was afraid of is what that meant. Like people are just gonna think I'm just arrogant, people are going to not be able to relate, people are going to say, well, she can because she's so confident. And it's like the confidence was built. And it's almost like whenever I say I love myself, I jokingly like whisper it like, yeah, like I really love myself. It's like, how dare we let the people know that we, how much we love ourselves when they're still working on it. And so that has been the process too. And this is why being mentored, being coached, being guided has been the greatest gift of my life because how am I to hold space for someone who's on the edge of the deepest empowerment, self-love, fullest self-expression? Possible if I am hiding from my own self-expression or I am saying that I'm available to hold space and it's okay actually. Like I wanna say everybody gets started and like we can only bring people as deep as we are willing to go. So why I continue with my growth and development, I'm in self-development programs as well as business programs that infuse self-development within them. I don't think you can have a business program that's just like, I mean, I guess people try, but it's like you're always gonna come up against a human as a human question about how it's making them feel. So like my business program is completely a self-development program. It's very holistic and like their strategy, rituals, things that we get to run our creative energy through and systems we get to create that we can hand off to someone else to run that part of the business so that we can continue being the visionary, the self-expressed one. And when you're in that place, you must take yourself deeper if you actually want to be a great mentor because people are gonna come to you with a problem and it's okay if you haven't heard of that problem, but exactly what I said in a sales conversation, you can only meet someone in the place that you've been willing to go. And if you're like, no, not touching that with a 10 foot pole, not touching my relationship attachment style, not touching this, not touching that, then when they come to you as the mentor or guide, they'll just be that kind of block, that rigidness. And it's also okay to say, I don't know that just yet. This isn't what I specialize in. Let me get you a referral or let me get you this book to read and let me help you as best I can. I do really believe in that. And that's why it's important to immerse yourself in your own self-development if you want to be doing that for others.

A: Yeah, well, and what a powerful like process it is to get mentored from someone else. And cause, when I think back on the one-on-one sessions that we had together, I faced a lot of self-doubt, but also just like general confusion. And you're sitting there on the other end, on the other side of confusion, kind of knowing what it takes to get this thing really going. And that is kind of what you're speaking to right now, that you had gone through something similar to me that I was in, I was in it. And you were on the other side of it going, I've been there and let me reflect to you what I see, what I feel, right? So much of like what we do as guides and as coaches is reflect what the other person is experiencing so the other person can see themselves, right? And you did that so beautifully for me. I still remember some of our conversations that were kind of like little light bulbs going off. And it was like, oh, it wasn't even like, oh, Christina's so great. Like, yes, Christina's great, but she mirrored myself to me. And like, oh my God, like that was in me. Like I have this thing to share and she's helping me to discover it so that it can take form, so that it can take flight, right? And so that's something that, you know, as the work that I'm doing now as a somatic educator, it's quite different because we're really, we're working with movement, we're working with movement patterns. There's this kind of mechanical process that I'm taking people through. At the same time, just like you said, in any kind of like coaching or, you know, learning environment, people are gonna have stuff come up and that stuff comes up. And, you know, maybe five, six years ago when I was doing the somatic work, you know, it would have been confronting or triggering for someone to have like a big emotional release or to talking about their relationships with their family members. And I'm like, dude, I'm just doing body work, like, you know. But now, because I've done so much work in those areas of my life, and I see them as related to my somatic practice and the somatic work that I do with my body, it's like that stuff shows up and I'm like, yeah, I'm there with them. I'm here with you. Like that is part of this process of unlocking the tension and the spaces in your body that have blockages. There's memories held there. There's experiences. This is a full, you know, process of healing when we start going into things. And I mean, you can probably relate that even to just, you know, the way it shows up for you when you're on like a coaching call. It's showing up in your body. It's showing up in your mind. It's showing up in your emotions. It's showing up in all of you. Whether we're working with like a, you know, working with kind of more just like talking or whether we're working with moving. It's gonna show up in all of you.

C: Yeah, what was coming, what the light bulb moment that I had in hearing you speak is that a lot of people feel like their business is marketing and sales. And that if they could just get this marketing thing and learn how to sell that their business will be fluid. And I deeply believe that your business is made in the delivery. And so, and then it becomes your marketing gets so much more simple because you get to play with different ways to show what it's like to work with you. And then it's a nice combination because like what you said is we are hiring people for who they are showing up as. And if you combine that with how you know that, like you said also of we've been there before. So it's like, yes, it is about me. And sometimes people hire me because I have cats or like I'm this way or I've been through this or I'm a traveler. But they know that I'm gonna be able to relate to them and I'm gonna be able to offer them something that's gonna be more personalized to them because business isn't just marketing and sales. Having a business based on holding space and helping people get transformation is about how we're able to deliver. And taking it back to what we're talking about for is like we get to go deep within ourselves. We get to see why is this client or this client challenge personally triggering for me and not project that onto the client but to receive our own mentorship. And this I learned in my years as a psychotherapist. So my program is not psychotherapy. I love having a lot more. Hola. Oh, I'm working. Okay. Can I talk to you in 20 minutes or 30 minutes? Cause I'm actually on a call. Okay. In 20, 30 minutes, I'm on a live thing. People just walk up in my house. It don't matter if you're free or not or how much money you have. I started making a lot of money to live in a nice place. People just up in my house right now. Like, no, I am working. Anyway. Oh my God. I just walked in my working house. Okay. Coming back to grounding. That is particularly triggering for me is boundaries. Yeah. And me not being able to... People not following them. Anyway. Where were we? I don't know. You're welcome to edit this out or leave it like.

A: I think that like the thing that came up here is like, we don't know what's going to happen. Just like on this call, like you didn't know someone was going to walk up in the house. We don't know what's going to happen on a systematic session on the coaching call or whatever things happen. And yeah, we might get triggered. Like there have been moments where I'm like, oh, I can see that something that I said or did like triggered someone that I'm speaking with. And then now I'm getting triggered and I have to catch myself and walk back. And come back to my center. So the idea is that's not that like we, reach this level of like perfection and we don't get triggered anymore. Like no, we do. And we just learn how to manage it in a more graceful way and come back to our baseline more quickly. And then, if we're still holding onto it after the call or after the time or whatever, we're resourced enough to have places to sort it out and really get down to like what the gold was in that moment. I mean, for me, I'd also get like kind of like have these like territorial moments or something in my own environment. And I think it actually stems from my childhood and not having my own space, have to share a room with my sibling, is like a perfect example of that. And then also from the years that I spent traveling where I was like constantly in accommodation to other people's environments. And that was like really exhausting too, right? To like always be in someone else's environment. Right.

C: And that's what we were talking about earlier about having to work for someone else. Or now I'm in an ashram. And if I don't cover my shoulders, right? I'm being scolded. And it was like, hey, listen, I'm a sexual being. I am a free expressive human. I do not jive with really having too many rules. And so I run my program like that as well. And I loved what you said about catching being triggered because there's different than when a boundary is actually violated. Like right now I'm still like, yeah. Like somebody's walking into my house. Like it doesn't matter if I live in an apartment. Like I know that we don't have the same rules in Guatemala as the wild wild west as we do in the States. But like in the States, like people can't just, even policemen need a warrant. You know, so like some, some like boundaries and kind of agreements and things, they're not necessarily bad. It's how we relate to them and how we really want. So in creating our own programs, we get to actually come from a real, I come from a real place of freedom and empowering my people to recognize that they can do whatever they want. And this is probably the biggest coaching that I give again and again and again is like, I can guide you. I can even give you a strategy plan. We can co-create a strategy plan, but I want you to know you don't have to do it like me. Like you can do this however you want, be exactly who you are. And we're not gonna do it perfectly on a coaching call. There will be things that trigger us or things we haven't met. And some people are so afraid of meeting a question that they can't answer or that they don't know how to answer in the moment or blanking out that they become paralyzed to putting themselves out in their marketing. Because who will they be if they start marketing and people actually want their program? And then they, oh my goodness, if they don't have an answer. And you can see it just happened for me. I'm like, what was I talking about? Who am I? Where am I? Like I will do that on a coaching call. And people find it entertaining and it gives them so much permission because I know it's gonna come back. And if it doesn't come back, it's fine. Or if it comes back later, I might message the people later and I'm like, here was the end of that story. And it's all, it doesn't matter really. In a long form, high value container, we're building on things. There's gonna be a nugget of wisdom for someone even in this talk that you said, that I said, that changes the trajectory of their life. And that's what we're looking for. We're not looking for this, for me at least this huge emotional release every time. If it happens, it happens. And some of the most phenomenal shifts for my clients happened in the subtleties and in the times where they took what I said, integrated and applied it in their own life, not on the fall.

A: Right, yeah, in that stillness, that space in between the interaction, in between the peak experience or something like that. I've been thinking about that a lot in terms of, we, especially when I was younger and maybe other people can relate to this, I would focus on these peak experiences as being the most transformative thing. That's why I was so into really intense yoga and stuff as I wanted to have this burst of chemicals experience because I believed that was what changed things. But what you're just now speaking to is really a more developed perspective, which is that it's actually in our little daily habits and the way that we apply things in subtle ways that make the most long lasting changes over time. Like I could have some intense emotional release in a coaching call with somebody, but then basically almost feel like retraumatized and have to do a whole ton of self-care for days and days afterwards. And maybe that would shift my belief systems, maybe that would make some changes, it could. But there's also another way that's less traumatic, that's less intense, that could make a huge, huge change in how I see myself or how I'm functioning, just by making one small adjustment to how I'm doing something or the way I'm thinking about it while I'm doing something.

C: Mm, I love that. And it sounds like the way that you describe Hanosomatis, small things. I was just thinking also of like, this is a pretty recent discovery of mine. Like even three, two, two and a half years ago, I was still taking large amounts of psychedelics or like going to a shaman. And I'm like, it's like, it's, no matter what I say, it's still coming from this place of like, what is wrong with me, suck it out of me. Just get it out. Just get it out. And like you said, I have had like peak, I mean, I smoked the most powerful psychedelic known to man, five MEO DMT and it was, it took me months to recover from that experience. And it was fine. Like I'm capable of anything. And a lot of times we go into something with the best intentions of healing and the true healing comes from the small, subtle adjustments. And the only kind of thing for those of you out there that are creating programs or guiding people in the subtle realms is then our work is about reminding the people where they came. Cause I will get someone at the end of my program and they're like, where's my million dollar a month or where's my six figure year? And I'm like, we didn't even work in together for a year. And it's still like, it's coming from, what's wrong with me, suck it out of me. And it's okay. Like we've all been there. It's not even our thing. It's like a collective thing. And yeah, it's our thing too. We have our own traumas. And it's a collective thing that we actually have come here as a collective to remember and awaken out of that. Oh wow, there might not be anything wrong with me. Right.

A: And I can just grow and learn and play. When you were speaking and talking about this, I was really, you know, it really does connect to the work that I do with Hannah Sematics cause we do these tiny small movements and we make huge structural changes in how somebody's brain and body are connecting. Right. And I thought of this image of like, imagine that you have like a puzzle that's like 2000 pieces. Like one of those really like intense puzzles, right? If you just dump the puzzle out and then you like slam your hands on it really hard, is the puzzle gonna go together? I hope so. It's gonna take some time to carry. Yeah, maybe if you have like, you know, magic wizard powers and you can just wave your hands and the 2000 piece puzzle just like slams together, right? Or it could take time to put those together and it would take some delicate work and it would happen piece by piece over the course of, you know, maybe if you're really adept at it, it would take an afternoon or maybe it would take three days or maybe it would take two weeks, you know, depending on how much time you're putting into piecing that fragmentation together. So when we're talking about putting back together ourselves from some kind of, you know, traumatic life experiences and injuries and health issues and the whole complexity of our human vessel and we're putting that back together. Like it's not a press process that's going to happen, you know, by slamming your hands down on the puzzle. You know what I mean? Like we want that to be the case. Wouldn't that be cool? And maybe there's that feeling like when something's really coming together, like when we have those moments where everything's coming together, it's like you're reaching the end of that puzzle and like, oh, and this piece goes here and this piece goes there. And suddenly it feels like you just slammed your hands and now you see the whole picture. Right. But that didn't happen from the moment you dumped the puzzle out to start it. That was the end result of a longer process, right? Which is what you're speaking to with your clients who are working their way towards full independent wealth. You know, like it doesn't happen overnight. It, you know, for me, like I did last year, like really quite well financially compared to where I was the previous year. You know, like I really did. I did phenomenal. Like I, you know, and yet I still had these voices in my head that was like, well, I want my, I want to make more money than that. Right. But it's because I have this fear that I have to make more money now because I'm not going to have money. Right. It comes from that fearful place instead of just like, OK, this is great. Let me celebrate. Right. And the pieces are going to come together as they come together. It's going to take the time that it takes as I'm going through my process and I'm working my way towards this bigger picture. Right.

C: Oh, I love what you were saying. I love that picture so much. It'll stay with me. That image is so phenomenal because it, it, it only works like that. It's the whole of it. It only works like that. And a lot of people come to me after they've been in self-development programs, masquerading as business programs. I like to have strategy. I like to have a pathway. I like to have roadmaps and different, different actual, actual things that I've done to create the content, create the processes, create the structure. And I often say to people, like, we cannot just pray our businesses into existence just like we can't pray that puzzle creates itself. And that, and that was like, because you can pray. Like this, the thing is, like, if you're praying and singing and playing as you put the puzzle piece to get puzzle together, you're going to have a lot more fun, but you still get to sit in front of it and put the puzzle piece together, however long it takes. And it will depend on, it'll depend on a few things. Like if I were keeping with the puzzle picture, it's like, it will depend on a few things. And a lot of people will come to me kind of comparing themselves to Amy because you've had great success and you left a lovely testimonial and I plastered your face all over my website. Thank you so much. And, and they like, I, you know, I want, where's my success like that? Where is my financial freedom? Where is my financial success? And I get to remind them, like, actually Amy sat in front of the puzzle. She, you came to every call with a personalized question. And there wasn't a lot of resistance. There was doubt or confusion that you brought. And that's what I'm telling people is like, if you're confused or you're doubting, I can only also guide people based on what they reveal. And so yes, my role is to help people to understand how it works. You reveal, you ask, and then I'm, then I have a more potent response. Otherwise, if people want kind of like the, they just want like the map, like say you're at the puzzle and there is a map to the puzzle. It's like without somebody there that maybe has seen this puzzle, seen the picture before, then it'll just go a little slower. So, and there's this thing called divine timing. Like sometimes something's happening where like their time is being diverted. Now, time is a commodity that really is tangible. Like we can say time is an illusion, but also you only have 24 hours in a day. So that paradox exists. And some of my mom's two young children, they got babysitters or they woke up early. And that's why I loved working with you and working with the moms that I work with, because they don't have all the space in the world. So it's like, I'm not going to sit here and I got 20 minutes to do this puzzle. I got an hour to do this puzzle before I'm picking Babe up from the nursery, wherever Babe goes, or maybe for you, Babe was right there doing the puzzle with you. And it's like, how do we play? How do we play through this so that Babe can join too and maybe help? That piece goes there. I don't know how Baby's going to build your business, but a lot of my clients, like they're breastfeeding right now. But maybe yeah, two of my clients are breastfeeding right now. They come to the calls with the babies on their breasts and they come to the call. Their calls, I've got so much permission to like, this is a part of life. This is part of life. And I can teach, coach, guide with Baby on my breast. So this is a part of my life. It's so freeing.

A: Yeah, it's great that you bring up that picture on the puzzle box, because I thought about the picture on the puzzle box too. Right. And that's kind of what you get in those peak moments sometimes, right? Is you got that like, boom, I see the whole picture. But then if you then suddenly you're back, you know, maybe after your, you know, psychedelic trip or after your spiritually like a transcended experience. And you're like, oh, but how do I put this puzzle together? Like I'm back here in this state of fragmentation. And like I saw the bigger picture, but like, how do I do that? And how we do that is by like living our lives, right? And living our lives with that puzzle, like in our consciousness, that picture of what we are really looking for, what's really possible for us. And yeah, like being a mom and thinking about what I really want to be possible for my life, for my son, for the way that I want us to live. Like I have to keep that like, you know, I think you call it the why. Right? You're why. Why am I doing this work? And it can be personal and it can be trans personal. It can be like, I'm doing this work because I want to help heal the world. I want there to be more like you maybe for you and you can you can say whether this is accurate, you want there to be more like conscious, creative people who are living in their power, who are making money so that there's people in the world with money who are doing beautiful, powerful, healing things and not just people in the world with money who are exploiting the world, right? But who are who are, yeah, who are making money and doing wonderful, powerful things. That's part of what you're creating for people, right? And I'm creating people who can move in their bodies and live to be 75 and not have the level of tension and pain in their bodies that's connected to their previous life experiences that ends up shackling them as they get older, that they can be liberated and free in their bodies to be doing the work that they are meant to do here and and helping other people through their through their radiance, through what they're creating in their bodies every day. So how do you think? What do you think? It sounds like a good team here.

C: Something I know I like to do type typing. I'm like typing things that are coming through and what you're saying sparks so much goodness in me because you like astrology. I have a lot in the first house. So I was always like bummed when I felt like my why was more selfish than other people's. And I'm like thinking I'm like, but they must have some kind of personal reason why too. And I loved having like seeing a personal and a transpersonal reason. And sometimes you're in the thick of it, you're going to need both and whatever works for you. Sometimes when I'm feeling rather like grumpy or like disillusioned by the world, I got to lean more into my personal intention of what like my personal intention. And even if it's something like, oh, I want to send my kid to college or I want to give my kid. I mean, I don't have kids, so maybe I'm talking about my cats. It was in the beginning when I was broke. I was like. But while I was broke, I'm like, I just want to buy my baby's wet food and like they got to go to the bed and and I and I need I actually need to be able to provide for them. And yeah, sure. At the time it was coming from a sense of urgency. I don't like to continue from a place of urgency, but sometimes we need some kind of spark. And so I've been saying lately, like it's actually OK to do it for the money. And it's OK to not have this perfect altruistic plan of what we want to do with our money. That might come in mind actually came later. And I really and it's still a little bit selfish. This is my transpersonal reason why I want more empowered friends that are wealthy enough to go on self development trips with me. It's still I know, like for the ripple effect, it does great on the world. Like when more people are empowered and they're just like teaching their there when I hear my clients talk about their clients and like calling them in, calling the perfect soul aligned client in and that they're going to help them in all these different ways. I do know that there's going to be better people out in the world that we are now collectively living a bigger mission of like raising the collective consciousness, like bring ushering in the new paradigm earth, like an earth that's more collaborative, a earth that's more aligned with nature and with the earth and does things that serve nature and the earth and beauty and kindness and healing and wholeness, like all of that. Yes. And I sort of just want to like go to the jungle of Costa Rica with my friends and not many of my friends can afford it. And I'm like, Hey, here's how you can. My three sessions, we can go like just offer three of your sessions and we can go to Costa Rica. So it's both and it gets to be both and it's all OK.

A: Yeah, I mean, my big motivator, you know, for me, I wanted to live in the woods. I wanted to live outside a dense city where I was living when I first started your program. And then within a month of starting your program, I had manifested the like perfect living environment for me to actually deliver the first round of my program in, which now I live in the woods, like my neighbors are trees. And my son gets to be growing up in a more natural environment without all this pollution and, you know, busy commerce all around him. And that was very, you know, personal. That was like a reason. And there was urgency behind it. I was so sick of living where I had been living. And I wanted more peace and more freedom around me. And so, yeah, like beyond wanting to help people, I also wanted to help myself. Well, here's the thing. When I'm living in this environment where there's trees around and calm, fresh air, and it's a 15 minute walk down to a beautiful lake, like my nervous system is in a state where I am more capable of delivering on the promise of my program, not that I couldn't do it in any environment. I'm sure that I'm a badass and I could do it, but it would take more out of me because I wouldn't have as much to fill up with, if that makes sense. In this way that I'm living now, you know, and this is what you're pointing to as well around the self care and the personal work that you do as a coach, you fill your cup so that you can give so that you can deliver on the promise of your program without burnout, without like tons of hiccups on your end, so that you can show up in the best possible way for the people who hire you.

C: Yeah, thanks for saying that. I just wrote a piece yesterday and if you notice anybody who's like come to listen to me because I'm amazing at writing content and I like share a message like every day, like how it's gotten to be that way is yeah, owning my voice in that process, owning the power of the work I do, also leaving space for me to process personal things without letting it affect my job. This is actually a job still, you know, and it's like if I want to, it's not a J-O-B kind of job, but it's like a mission and it's like if I want to show up the best version of me and it doesn't mean perfect, they will catch me at times where my nervous system is dysregulated. I offered an entire round where I was personally going through something and so I really want to kind of like express this, that there are ways to ensure that you're showing up for them in just that 90 minutes, in just that two hours, in just that creation of that video, even if you're going through something because that is meaningful. So me having my own space was like oh I was going through something personal and then I was able to get guided or listen to my calming meditation and also it is possible if this is your soul's mission, if this is your the thing is like I'll just kind of say what happens to me because this might not happen for everyone and I don't want to like kind of be like oh you need to be a channel or a psychic or like this perfect like blank slate. It's not really possible, but it becomes more efficient to like deal with your own things but as soon as that camera turns on, I am, I wouldn't say the piece I wrote was like yeah my ego's kind of not there, like it I laugh like Christina, I joke like Christina, I have all the same stories, but I don't have the same pain, like my pain body can chill on the side and when I, if I want after even this conversation go pick it right back up and today was one of those days like I got into just a little bit of a spat with one of my friends, it's a very close friend and I want to handle these things as a conscious adult and it also triggers things from my past and so I will find myself in the morning it wakes up and then you're then it's on the tip of your mind and it's on the tip of your tongue and it's like okay this is just a moment in time where I get to come back to myself, focus on myself because I have a beautiful interview, but I know and if you do this enough times that having these kind of calls, having my sessions gives me at least respite for those 90 minutes where I'm running that healing energy through my body where my my ego, yes it's here, yes I'm me, I have a personality, I'm funny, I just got mad at the human that walked in my house, I was naked, this was a naked call you know, I will now I have to go speak to him about it like that came up for me and it's like okay we're doing we're here now, we're doing something else, we're actually living our souls purpose now, that's what this time is for, I'm welcome to be a bumbling, imperfect, like angsty, full of whatever emotions after after the session.

A: Yeah I'm gonna relate, I mean that space is what I loved about teaching yoga you know because I'm doing that you know I was doing that before and now I feel like I'm doing it on a different level where you come into it and you are more in your embodied highest self and the pain body, all the other noise kind of quiets down for a while, it goes into the background and you can pick it up later, thanks for that, but you know choices yeah I mean yeah but you know what sometimes we pick it up later, we pick up the the pain or the the sadness or the anger or whatever was on our plate before we stepped into the healing zone inside ourselves you know to facilitate that for others and we pick it back up with just that little bit of space, that little bit of like calm, that little bit of healing energy that we cultivated during that time and you know it makes it so that that pain is maybe a little more manageable or that situation is a little less desperate or you know whatever because we've had that respite as you said, we've had that space and we've experienced the power of presence, being fully present for other people, I mean that's really like the whole ethos at the end of the day with you know yoga is about service right like what fulfills human beings is you know yes our own personal goals and our own like you know personal needs like that's part of it, but this feeling of like real satisfaction comes from service, that's one of the you know tenants behind a lot of ashrams etc is is that and that's part of what we're talking about here is that we show up for other people and in doing that we actually show up for C: ourselves, yeah and and I love what you were saying too like okay I could pick it up it's so funny because I just like loved that when people would say that in the yoga space and I adopted that very quickly because it made me feel as the receiver of like I do have choice actually I can be an angsty like I can be a troublemaker like I do have choice and when I have full choice it's like I know I may just choose something much more calm and that this sense of urgency is very real for people and I still get it sometimes as well and when we realize nothing needs to happen right in this moment if we actually look around and we say like you said to get to that you got to the safe place you got to the woods and for a moment you weren't there and you got to build your business and same I got to build my business create a consistent revenue get out of the van even upgrade each year my living conditions to accommodate the space that I need to grow if we're growing and we're expanding like oftentimes our physical space is a part of that and yet we get to accept where we are now and we can release that sense of urgency without anything in the outside world changing and I know that that's probably like talking about somatics facilitator about that but for everybody out there of like that's what it feels like for me that's my own kind of way to describe how I'm really doing this how I'm really making five figure months and doing it with ease and not every month is a five figure month but if I then start to work from a sense of urgency because it's only when a five came on instead of a 10 came on then I recognize oh this doesn't really serve so how can I serve my inner world first so that I can let the outside circumstance start to reflect that and that happens also in the container the post I was writing was about this like it is my job it is almost my only job to regulate my nervous system before a call because they are going to sense it and it doesn't mean we have to be perfect it doesn't mean we have to get this right but that we're doing our best and sometimes I'll be transparent like if something I was on a call with someone else and somebody uh transparently said this of like yeah my kid just like broke something did this thing and he was like I just want to take this moment to ground together because I'm in it too and I was like oh right it's like here this is the moment let's all get into the same space together you did that before our our call as well it's like oh this is where yoga is really great even when I'm a business coach now it's like it's all yoga it's all presence and there's different layers of it and I can always go back to my old patterns but most likely I'll choose not to

A: well yeah and I mean sometimes it's like the old patterns just show up and then you get to deal with it in a new way you know I did this recently on a coaching call that I had with my group program I arrived to the call and we were doing a check-in and I was like me first because I need to tell you guys what's been happening that I went through a lot of stress over the month of December for a whole bunch of different reasons my dad was having some major health issues ended up in the hospital on Christmas Eve there was a lot going on and the response that my body had to it was that my quadriceps muscles just like squeezed really hard and didn't let go and I was somatically releasing them and then the stress would come back and so you know I had to redo I had to change how I was practicing my somatics you know like basically I was frustrated I was like I turned my quads off and now they're on again you know and I was like well what would I how would I work with my client if this was happening for my client what approach would I take to help them release the stress that's showing up in like their quadriceps muscles you know and so I ended up like telling the people in my group like hey like I've been having pain in my legs for the last like three weeks and this is how I've been working with it you know and it's been frustrating and I've felt you know this feeling this pressure to be perfect to be this you know somatic educator who doesn't have any pain in her body so I can be like marketing that but that's not like the real truth of it the real truth is that pain still comes up and that I as a somatic educator am empowered to deal with it but I can't just deal with it like it's maintenance that's kind of what I realized I was like right now I've been through a lot of stress this is not just maintenance time this is like you know therapy time this is like how do I like treat my leg issue in in like the best possible way time first just what I practice as maintenance for my everyday experience and it's amazing because you know you can probably think about this in terms of the other personal practices that you do there's maintenance and then there's like go time there's like next leveling up time and those are different times so coming from this like you know leg pain that I was having and you know thankfully like it did diminish when I started treating it like I needed therapy with it versus just maintenance I have just decided to keep my somatic practice at a really high level right now because I was like no this is go time I'm going to be launching the next round of my program soon I have this incredible group of people like I am going to step it up a notch and so again that that catastrophe that pain that triggered the my thighs squeezing and the stress it actually brought me to a next level in my personal healing process that's what those things have the potential to do right

C: I love it and you're modeling like what I'm realizing now and taking into all of my programs is I'm not certifying anyone as a coach and how I have actually became a really great guide and coach isn't just from going to psychotherapy school and remembering the things that I learned from a book it was being modeled to me every time I received and being modeled to me what not striving for perfection looks like and I was just hearing like there are seasons in our health there are seasons in the world and there are seasons in our business and some people come to me and they feel they thought it was going to be go time and then something happens in their personal life and I get the opportunity to support them and remind them that this is the season that they're in and that they deserve support through any season and maintenance is often the hardest part. It's like, okay, you can have a huge launch, but can you repeat that? And a lot of people that haven't gone through my program that don't have a process for launching or don't have a process for where and when they want to show up and what they actually want to say that really leads to fill the process. One of the of the of the of the of the of the they might get great success, but they don't understand how their business runs. And so I want to ensure that everybody that comes to see me, as they understand how their business runs so that they can repeat that success if they want to. And you know, we'll maintain it. Like, we don't have to be growing all the time actually.

A: That's true. And you know, that's, I mean, very similar to what people get in my program is they learn the maintenance piece, because like you said, that actually can be the hardest part. You know, that's for me where I'm speaking in my process is that I'm at this point become very good at maintaining my somatic practice. That's where I'm really good. And so I have to be reminded by my body that there's also like therapeutic time that's more than just maintenance, right? That's like for leveling me up to the next experience or dealing with a specific issue that comes up. Because, you know, people can come and have a session with me and get tremendous relief in their pain, you know, restructure in that, you know, hour, the way their body's moving and have, you know, weeks, days or weeks or months of feeling better than they did before our session. Like, I've had miracle clients like that, that were having neck pain for like years, two sessions with me and their neck pain is gone and it doesn't come back. That happens sometimes. At the same time, that person is not necessarily learning this as a skill, right? The skill of somatically releasing their body, the skill of launching their program, right? They're not building that as a skill if they just have one session with me, if they just come to one of your master classes or listen to some of your content. It's from that training to become adept at how to do this and to be able to maintain a practice of doing it, whether it's the practice of writing content, the practice of going live and putting your face out there on the internet. The practice of tuning in to where the tension is in your body and then knowing how to release it, how to let it go.

C: I wrote, we're humans who are practicing these principles as well. Yeah, that's the deepest healing. When we're talking about healing through entrepreneurship, that's what it is. It's like, now I have people who I am modeling for who do look up to me and not only look up to me, have paid me for a quality service. And so it does become my job to continue to practice these principles. And that level of devotion has been the most healing thing for me. And you just get to find your thing because I actually stopped practicing yoga. There's so many things that I've stopped doing. There's so many things that continue to be a stop and start pattern to me. And I just have got to admit that they were not that important to me. They were not a priority to me. Priority to me. What was important to me is this mission is helping people to be financially free so that we don't have to live in societal constructs that don't serve our wholeness or our spirit. Or our like critical thinking, our expansion. And even if we're in a season of maintenance and sustaining, I love helping people with sustainable businesses that make consistent revenue over time. And you won't be able to do that by blowing your hamstrings out or like, you know, like just be like, like, let's effing go mode is totally a mode, but they're able to do that my clients are able to do that, because they do it in a pressure free way. It's not like let's effing go or I'll die. Let's effing go. This is my only chance. It's like, let's effing go. Let's do this fun. I finally know how to do this in a fun way. I kind of, I finally, it's finally working. Like I'm seeing, I'm doing things that are actually working in a way that is in alignment with my health and my values. And so, so let's effing go. Like there's nothing stopping them at that point. It's very beautiful to witness.

A: And you can be going without like breakneck speed. You can be going at like a reasonable pace and enjoying the sounds along the way and still be going.

C: I don't run anymore either. I walk. I walk for fitness. That's the only thing I do for fitness for like actual get my booty, booty lifted like I like walking because I like looking at things.

A: It's the best exercise in my opinion because it's low impact. It's low stress on your system. It gets your circulation going. It's a cross body activity. I could tell you all these really juicy, wonderful things about why walking is primary. That's for sure. Yes. I'm a walker. So before we close out our talk today, I would love for you to share with us a story of your transformation process, like anything that comes to your mind about, you know, where you were. I mean, we touched on that a little bit and you can, you can think about like, you know, maybe it's something that happened recently, maybe it's something that happened 10 years ago that brings you to this point now in, in becoming the person who's sitting here, able to share your voice so freely able to share who you are and able to guide others so masterfully.

C: Yeah, I believe I will share something recent because what I find and what I've taught on in the past is that you must embody something before you can teach it. And that it's, it's wise and refinement if you wait to like understand really what this either concept is or, or like, yeah, this, this maybe topic that you're understanding or even learning about like, there is some refinement that gets to happen before it's really solidified. And I teach on this and I've talked about kind of the, the transition I made from living on my mom's couch to putting my first offer together long form offer. I definitely made all the mistakes of charging too low, and like having like 17 sales calls or like three hour sales calls for like a very cheap program, but I made those mistakes with like happiness because I was finally doing something that like meant something to me and I think I made only like, I don't know, less than $1,000 with like nine people so don't like look at the price like because I was, it was a really high quality high value even highly produced program. And the mistake in that was like, not valuing, not valuing. And yet, what I want to say about that is, I have been teaching around that transition from a space of like hey don't make the mistake that I made because like, you can start high value and that message has really helped a lot of people. But I don't want to get it twisted like I don't want anyone to get it twisted. I was happy that I was finally making progress that I was finally taking those steps. And the, what I want to talk about now is that like, I'm revisiting that moment of like doing it for pure happiness, doing it for pure fulfillment and I'm watching my own message change from create 10k consistent months because you know what can you do with all that glorious money and and that's amazing I think we can do great things. And after built building my business and growing and going in so many different directions. It always comes back to fulfillment. And you actually can build your business from the beginning with a high value offer that is fulfilling to deliver because I can tell you back then, like I was fulfilled because I was doing things. But I wasn't fulfilled by my clients because they weren't showing up to the calls because they were like, this is $100. This is a $100 course like, why are you talking like it's a coaching program. It was really showing up like it's coaching program having all these live calls like I'm your coach forever. I'm like, if I hadn't made those mistakes personally, I would have could have never been a business coach, like I love my job, I love being a business coach. I love talking about entrepreneurship and the different ways that you can do this. And I just wouldn't I wouldn't have been a business coach I was working on creative enhancement back then, and I probably would have stayed in that had I had I just, you know, we don't know how the life pans out but it was like those mistakes even that were fulfilling. And so looking for your own fulfillment. What are the ways that you actually want to show up. Are you actually truly fulfilled by being a floating head on a screen and not getting that feedback from working with clients and if you do want that feedback from working with clients, and you want to be a part of somebody's life deeply and fully where they have access to you and your brain and your stories and they get to talk to you live. You really want to charge $100 is $97 really the price of that. And so really looking at what is going to be fulfilling and about the model about the what you're receiving and about like where this can possibly go. Because it might be fulfilling to just try something. And I now I'm welcoming that rather than being like, you must. But no, I never tell anybody what they must charge but I'm really proud of the people who charge right off the bat a great price like you did like you didn't waste any time and I got to remind people that as well like why did why did she create a great revenue month is she wasn't charging $1,000. She wasn't charging just $1,000 for her potent powerful work in the world, it was more than that. And as the results show, it's worth more than that. So, that's a little bit like to kind of land this spaceship is fulfillment first and don't expect what fulfills me to fulfill you and you that we get to go on that discovery process together. And refine that together and grow together and it gives me permission to grow, I may change my mind. Next month, and it's so permission filled, I make I am going to start having a course that people can go through with out live access to me, because it have changed my mind about what is high value to people and both can be high value to people. They could be at the level that they want my brain and wisdom and presence or they could be at the level that they want to try something else on their own. So we get to grow together and trust yourself in where you're at. And if you don't want a mentor, then maybe your mentor has a course.

A: No, I'm back full circle with that. Right. Yeah, I mean, fulfillment first. You had me thinking about how I was in. And you know, I think we tend to think of things as like binary like I'm either fulfilled or I'm not fulfilled or I'm happy or I'm not happy, but it's really more like on a spectrum. And it's really more dynamic than that. And so you can be fulfilled to, let's say if we're looking at like, you know, the 100% model will fulfilled 45%. And that's actually great because whatever I was doing before I was only fulfilled 30%. So I just went 15% up in my fulfillment level. That's great. Feeling good. Jassy. Wait, like I'm, there's actually more that needs to happen for me to feel more of that fulfillment, raising my price to something that actually attracts the people that I really want to work with. Right. Oh, now my fulfillment has gone up 75. Right. Wow. This is great. I'm reaching a new level of the joy and the capacity for like fulfillment that I can experience in my body. Right. And then we get to kind of push the edge and push the lid on that and discover what the next space is, as we become more aware of like what is, you know, what is not working when we come across those challenges when we break through to those next layers of like what's possible. Right. So, yeah, I think it's cool. And I love how, you know, you have always shared in such a way that it feels like. Everybody's free to change their mind, including you. You say things that are like really like, like, wow, okay, great. But you also have this humor, you have this way of like kind of challenging even yourself as you're saying it to be like, but, or this could be different. And we could decide that something else works like you have that freedom in your expression where it doesn't feel like things are fixed. And I think that's really powerful for people because, you know, a lot of us when we're in, when we're in it, we want the answer, the answer, we want there to be one answer we want like binary right, wrong, good and bad, this is works, this doesn't work. And that's actually not how reality works. And so I appreciate that about you. I appreciate when you talk about how you used to think this and then you changed your mind, and that there's the possibility you could change your mind again. And, you know, to me that just feels transparent that feels fun. That feels like it reminds me that I'm not like fixed as a person that I am constantly in a state of developing and becoming and discovering. So thank you for that. Thank you for that voice of like kind of playfulness.

C: Yeah, choices liberating. It's the true sovereignty of like, I, I, it was so much fun to just try it out. I just wanted to try something out. And it led me to being a six figure earner as a business coach like, and rising. And if I would have never just said, I'm going to try this and full freedom if it doesn't work. That's the things there truly no real sense of urgency like I could play with that in my mind forever and always but it's like there's always somebody there to help. There's always somebody that has got your back if you have your own back, like, we're safe. We truly are safe if you look around no matter your circumstances. Unless you're not safe, but probably people weren't safe aren't like going to the, going to the podcast like, let's, let's talk about expansion. There, where, you know, there's levels and varying degrees of safety but what we're talking about in our own expansion and rise is that we, we are actually safe. And from that level of safety within the body we can create wild amounts of things that weren't possible when we were searching for safety, not recognizing it. Oh, it's in me. It's in my nervous system. It's in my thoughts. It's in my words. It's in my deepest breath. And I, uh huh. Spine. It's in my soma. It's in my soma. I believe it. Oh, thank you as a triple Libra choice is liberating and it's also the paradox of that is that our world is full of too many choices. And so what I like to say is they're like searching for the answer that it's okay to be seeking that's a yogi like we seek. And like, it sometimes isn't about like, who exactly the mentor has to be this perfect person that's gotten all this results that you want. And in my choice to just go like I'm going to work with someone that one's good. Great. Like, and making powerful choices for myself has been the thing that empowered me to know that I always have my own back.

A: Yeah, totally. I mean, the help that I've received from coaches and mentors and guides over the last year has been huge. You know, like you're, you're one of many people who have supported me, you know, some of the people that supported me like I paid them like I paid you, or other people supported me for trade like we, you know, they were, they had some skill and they were interested in my somatic work and I did a trade, you know, this is the kind of stuff that happens. And so I so I so I so I so I start building in the beginning to get yourself going to figure out like where your next step is on this entrepreneurship mission you get creative you figure it out as you go. You know, that's what's so exciting and kind of scary about it right.

C: Right. I don't know how this is going to pan out but yeah it's like it falls into the safety to get a paycheck every week if your soul isn't satisfied and it's like, sure it's a little bit more mysterious and we don't know how much money we're going to make or how many clients we're going to call in and we do know that we can give our give it our full presence. And that's what it is for me that's what I teach my clients it's like, you can get you can get distracted in whatever you want is finally, maybe it's not a distraction maybe it's guiding you to the perfect exact place and we just do get to build, we're going to build something before we can grow it and a lot of people just want the consistent six figure years. Just like to poof from the, from banging their hands on the table, and I actually show you like some options so that you, it will come like it's here for me now, but not because I didn't go through the same thing that everyone gets to go to just like trying things out being curious, playing, failing also. So it does sometimes it doesn't work. And that's entrepreneurship is being curious about what works for you and your nervous system in your audience, and being willing to try something and seeing it not work and a lot of people like if something doesn't work right away they get pretty bratty with the universe. And I mean, I'm self proclaimed brat but I'm willing to move from that archetype to the queen archetype which is like, I'm here to try and here to play and here to do my best though, through that it's like I'm not playing like. I mean, I don't like to dig in the dirt that much like I'm keeping it clean over here.

A: Well and what happens when people get suddenly like overnight success you know look at the child actors who were catapulted into fame at like seven years old how that really work out for most of them. How does it really work out when you suddenly like suddenly have hundreds of thousands of dollars but you don't have them, you know, skills of how to handle your money or how to emotionally handle your money. You know, like what really happens when we get that if you know I do a somatic session with someone and you know they have all this pain and then every single pain goes away and it's gone. That person didn't really learn how to deal with the pain they just got this instant result. And then they're out there doing their same activities that caused the injury that caused the pain, they're out blowing their hundreds of thousands of dollars, you know, not spending it wisely because they didn't have the capacity to hold that frequency if we're talking about it as energetic, you know the frequency of pain free body with a frequency of like, you know, a wealthy bank account. They didn't have the skills to really handle that. And so what you know what you're offering what I'm offering people is actually like the way to be able to build your, your revenue over time to build your capacity to experience joy and pleasure in your body over time, not that boom instantaneous instant gratification that everybody thinks they want, but it's not sometimes it's you get what you want and it's like that's actually didn't work out so well.

C: Right. And everything's a lesson like I'm performing magic now and I'm like it my magic teacher says like actually don't be careful what you wish for because you're going to see. Like you're you're actually going to see what you are capable of and what you can hold and handle and sit with and that'll be fun but like, yeah, some people would say, we are that powerful, like if we wish for something and take steps like we are going to get it so we might want to be supported and have to have someone to ask questions to and like have someone on our side to be like no this is normal yeah. Sometimes when you get what you want it's a bit, it's a bit too much.

A: Right, right it can be very messy or you know, yeah I mean think about it just like any change in our perception and paradigm can can shake things up a lot. And so having that help having that resource is so powerful and so important. So thank you for the work that you did with me, like it was really profound it really helped me be, you know, creating the life that I

A: want to live so thank you I loved having you on the podcast today to get to share, like just some of what you do and some of some about you with our listeners so that they can kind of get a window into the possibilities that come with this concept of healing through entrepreneurship of actually doing the internal work that it takes to create the dreams and the visions that we have for our lives.

C: Thank you for having me this is so fun I always enjoy our conversations, especially as this level I love being your coach, and I really really love being your sister and collaborator and co creator so so fun.

A: Absolutely. Well we'll definitely check in with you maybe have you on the podcast again later as this develops you know as the, maybe the second season of my podcast as I grow this as a consistent practice and my offering and my sharing of you know my methods and also the methods of other really powerful, you know folks out there like you. So, thank you so much. You've been listening to the free your soma podcast subscribe now to hear more stories of somatic awakening and gain knowledge and tools for somatic living. If you'd like to learn more about me Amy Takaya, Hannah somatic education or the radiance program, please visit www.freeyoursoma .com

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