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EP 28 - Returning to Self and Integrating Somatics & Yoga with Valerie Stanton

Valerie felt disconnected from her self and her body in a way that was unusual for her and disorienting.

In so many ways she felt like she "should" be able to create the safety and calm within her body she was seeking. After all, she's a gentle yoga teacher, an energyworker, an intuitive healing guide and she's done extensive gut healing in the past.

However, after the birth of her son, there was pain and discomfort in her lower back that had gradually become habitual.

The tools that she had previously utilized didn't seem to be making the shift she needed. She knew she needed not only a gentle but big push, but also some deep support to move through the challenges she had learned to live with.

When she reached out to apply for Radiance, she felt vulnerable and a little scared, but also excited.

She also had some fears and hesitations about how the somatic work might affect her yoga practice.

She had previously worked with me as a healing guide, supporting me over the last year. She knew me well and had trust that I could hold space for her in the way she needed.

In this episode we discuss:

-how she feels after 3 months of building a somatic movement practice

-what's felt resonate and exciting in experiencing a somatic approach to Yoga

-the somatic connection being key to creating safety in any experience

-Yoga as a commodity and the limitation of comparison

-Hanna Somatics as a specific system/modality that connects with many others


Valerie is an incredible healing guide for new paradigm leaders who are seeking to create ceremony, rhythm and deep rest as foundations for their power and deep wisdom to emerge.

She is currently enrolled in the Mar. '23 round of Radiance.

Connect with her on Instagram @valerie.e.stanton

To learn more about the Radiance Program, go to

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