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Exploring the World Through My Self: A Journey of Wonderment and Transformation

In my early twenties I worked at Barnes and Noble Booksellers, wore quirky vintage clothes, wrote spoken word poetry on a typewriter and dreamed of traveling the world.

I had discovered yoga and nutritional healing. I was recovering from a life-changing health crisis I experienced at 19 years old.

I wanted to experience the world outside the small area of Southern Oregon where I was raised.

As a Bikram Yoga Teacher, I got my chance!

In 5 years I traveled to 27 different countries.

I felt so lucky, fortunate to be born in a time where this was possible!

Was it everything I dreamed of? Yes.

Were there unforeseen traumas and catastrophes? Yes.

I used to think I was searching for something, or running from something. Maybe I was.

In retrospect I see it all as wonderment.

The worldly exploration of a deeply curious young woman.

Curiosity has an openness to it. It is innocent.

When I peel away all the layers of struggle and desire: here I meet my curious nature.

This is what I now bring to every session with every incredible human who chooses to work with me.


Isn’t this the fruit of experience?

After all the efforts, relationships, struggles, jobs, practices, trendy diets-

A realization that it was all distilled into YOU.

That you carry the wealth of every moment that came before.

And what a wonder it is to stand before another with curiosity and see their preciousness, their majesty of being.

We are everyone we ever were and strangely, something entirely new at this very moment.

As we work somatically to release tension/stress/pain, we integrate the past and step more fully into the now.

My 20 year old self imagined traveling the world, but did she know how enthralling and illuminating it would be to travel the inner world?

If I told her she would boldly be guiding others in this transformative process, I doubt she’d have believed me.

I love her so. All my past selves. It’s taken work and time to do so and that’s the kind of love that lasts.

If you’re ready to integrate the past stuck in your body in the most delicate and beautiful way possible.

Apply for Radiance and start awakening to the tender, free and fully embodied life that is waiting for you!

Save $600 when you enroll before Sept. 25th!

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