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From Pain to Liberation: My Hanna Somatics Journey

When I joined Radiance I had ongoing chronic pain with hot spots in my neck and upper back. I wanted some relief from the ongoing pain as well as a tool to self-manage my flare-ups, hopefully moving toward less of them.

Because the movement practice is less well-known, I had some concerns about the efficacy of the practice, as well as concerns about limitations of doing the work over zoom. I was uncertain if the cost would be justified, or if I would have the appropriate amount of time to devote to the practice.

Within the first 3 months, tension areas of frequent concern were either managed before becoming debilitating, or altogether eradicated. This daily movement practice is an integral part of my life now. Asking my girlfriend about the difference she says it's like night and day, now I just do my "little movements" and I am much better.

When I play music I'm much more able to relax in my body, as well as recover afterwards from the patterns that are part of the activity. I’m able to feel and address patterns of tension before they become exasperated, which has allowed me to increase my activity level drastically!

My three biggest takeaways:

1. These small, easeful, and embodied movements done skillfully have a dramatic positive impact that compounds over time.

2. Adapting the practice to fit your life leads to a full integration.

3. Going with a pattern is the key to releasing it, you don't want to meet resistance with force.

This modality is grounded in the practice itself, not just in knowledge about it. Hanna Somatics doesn't require you be in any special clothes, place, or have any particular ability to see its benefits, it's very adaptable.

“Aimee's teaching style is inspiring and flexible. She was able to adapt to different concerns or patterns easily. I had to take one of the calls driving and she pivoted easily to showing how to apply those in that context. She always seems passionate about the practice.

After a movement session there is a state of more connection with the body, so typically a more regulated nervous system as well. There's often a sense of ease and a balanced energy in the body and mind.

I see Hanna Somatics as a component of wisdom in my spiritual practice. It allows me to tend to my body in a way that allows greater ease. It helps my meditation practice by allowing me to sit for longer without pain, as well as recover from long periods of sitting. Also by virtue of awareness of the body, it connects to the first foundation of mindfulness, and strengthens that awareness.

I am so thankful for Aimee’s expertise in Hanna Somatics and gifts as body worker. I feel her care and calling to help others awaken”

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