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Healing with Curiosity: Katie's Journey to Knee Relief with Hanna Somatics and Aimee

Working with Katie was so much fun because she is a naturally curious and enthusiastic person. Watching her link together her knowledge of her body with the benefits of Somatics was delightful.

Here’s what she had to say about our time together:

"When Aimee introduced me to Hanna Somatics, I was having such difficulty with both of my knees that it was a struggle to perform basic tasks and functions like getting up off of the floor, transitioning from sitting to standing and caring for my toddler. The trouble with my knees had suddenly appeared about three or four months before our session and never let up (in spite of ample stretching!).

I was shocked that after a single targeted Hanna Somatics session with Aimee the problem altogether vanished. Persuaded by the power of this modality and Aimee's effectiveness as a practitioner, we went on to do several sessions together.

I admired Aimee's vigilant checking in with how I was feeling in my body during our sessions and her ability to instantly integrate feedback, as well as her attentive follow up after sessions. Her unique knowledge of this system, as well as extensive understanding of the human body, enabled her to target exactly what was needed for me and produce big results quickly. I loved her slow, gentle approach to instructing this method.

Dissimilar to other physical practices I've turned to in the past, I appreciate that Hanna Somatics focuses on creating change through micro movements, subtle awareness and paying attention to discomfort.

Aimee has a knack for creating a relaxing and soothing experience while paying attention to the most minute details. We worked together virtually, which I had never done before - and I was amazed at how well Aimee could speak to my body as if she were right there, while I got to be in the comfort of my own home.

In spite of 25 years of practicing yoga, learning Hanna Somatics with Aimee gave me a new way of understanding my body as well as a gracious pathway to heal it!"

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