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How to Find Your Hidden Power

I never liked to think of myself as an addict. Or a traumatized person.

All of that felt disempowering.

So I did my best to grasp for power. To be “empowered” as a mental or physical construct.

It led to attempting to control myself and others in my life.

Control what I ate, said, did, wanted and how I appeared.

These efforts produced tension and exhaustion rather than the freedom I was seeking.

I was living disconnected from my power.

And the whole time it was IN MY BODY.

Developing my somatic awareness is the single most powerful thing I have done to truly allow for healing to occur in all areas of my life.

And it’s never over.

It is ENDLESS. The neural pathways one can develop inside their human body has no end.

Which is a beautiful and wonderful thing when you can get past the idea of needing “closure” and begin to appreciate circular rhythms innate to our reality.

Do you feel called to deepen and explore the power hidden in your body?

Are you exhausted, tense, achy and tight?

This is your body, your nervous asking for relief.

The animal in you FEELS it’s possible even if your mind is programmed otherwise.

Hanna Somatic Education provides a practical, efficient way to become ache and pain-free while also developing your proprioceptive awareness and regulating your nervous system.

This allows you to feel more like WHO YOU TRULY ARE and feel a true since of control (without TRYING!) in your body/consciousness.

The benefits to this practice are many!

Being literally relaxed as a new baseline opens to you to healing, joy, wisdom and your true power: your constantly shifting, morphing brilliance: YOUR RADIANCE.

Join me and a group of heart-led leaders on the journey of a lifetime.

Radiance begins Nov. 4th

Go to the link in the comments to apply and start awakening to the tender, free and fully embodied life that is waiting for you!

Save $600 when you enroll before Sept. 25th!

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