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"More effective than the anxiety meds I was prescribed for years"

Laurel told me she lived in her head and her emotions. She knew the next step in her personal growth journey was learning to be in her body, fully!

She graduated from Radiance with a powerful, effective personal practice for releasing her stress, tension and anxiety in a gentle and efficient way!

“What I’ve learned connects with everything that I do!

It's helped me embody my energy clearing practices more...I have more confidence being in my body and [to continue] to try new things because now I have this tool to lower tension and come out of trauma patterns...

This is a wonderful investment for anybody's future. Anybody with a body could benefit from embedding this practice into their daily lives.

I felt instant relief from stress and anxiety in my body after doing just one session with Aimee in her 3 Day’s to Radiance event.

I asked my dad if he would support me so that I could take her 6-month program and he did, and it has honestly been one of the most helpful things that I have been able to do for my anxiety and overall understanding of wellness and what it means to be healthy.

I have been dealing with severe anxiety on and off since I was little surrounding certain events in my life and for me change can feel really hard, so I have found it very beneficial to have the support as well as the knowledge from this program to be able to use in times of stress but also whenever I need it as this is a lifelong skill.

I also sometimes succumb to overeating in times of stress but Aimee has helped me with this too by teaching me that I don’t have to get scared or upset when I eat in a way that does not support my actual lifestyle goals but instead I can focus on what to do to balance it all out.

Having the tools for me has given me so much more confidence to continue living my life, knowing that I am never stuck quite literally.

I have found that doing these soma movements twice or sometimes three times a day is the most helpful thing that I can do for my anxiety aside from eating healthy.”

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