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Natural Alignment: Rediscovering Freedom from Neck Pain with Rosie and Aimee

I loved working with Rosie! She is so in tune with subtle energy and could really feel the changes taking place. She has a depth of knowledge about both the spiritual realm and scientific process, so Somatics really made sense to her.

Here’s what she had to say about our time together: “Aimee is amazing! I seriously can't even remember how long I lived with my neck being stiff.

I tried switching different pillows and different sleeping positions and if I couldn't get that right combination I'd wake up with my neck stiff or in some kind of pain.

After a few sessions with Aimee she asked me about my neck pain and honestly I didn't even notice that it was gone. I didn't notice that I hadn't felt the stiffness!

That's how incredible and natural this is! My body remembered and learned how to adjust naturally and today I am walking with a more natural posture because of what Aimee taught me.

All my aches and ailments are no longer the focus of my day. Now, I'm not the best at practicing all the time, but even with the few sessions that I had last year, I still don't have neck pain.

Aimee is absolutely incredible, she's intuitive, she's so knowledgeable and absolutely cares about your well-being and that radiates through her excitement when she hears about these huge wins you experience when realigning your body and mind.”

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