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Radiance Revolution: Transform Anxiety into Alignment with Celeste Gamboa!

I joined Radiance because I was experiencing anxiety and difficulty being in my body.

Within the first three months, I learned how to listen to my body which has helped me give it what it needs. This practice has helped move pent up emotions. So now I experience less anxiety and more body awareness. I experience more of my emotions.

My Three Biggest Takeaways

1. That I am always the answer.

2. If I can come back to myself, I can make anything happen.

3. It doesn’t have to be a hard regimen!

Major difference with this practice, is that i’m not hurting at all while I’m going through this regimen. It’s an addition to my life that brings relaxation and self awareness in a rapid state. I’ve never found that anywhere.

The food sharing was helpful. It brought up in me this self awareness that I was afraid to nourish myself. Combined with the movement practice, it’s part of my self care and self support to do things I need to function. I do now! I pick more variety of fruits and veggies and I practice my series on an almost daily basis. I see this being a part of my daily life.

I now have an awareness of myself and how I live my life. I realize before, I didn’t trust myself.

I’ve been walking around an anxious person because I wasn’t tuning in to my needs. It went from too much working out to not enough nourishment.

I had no idea I had upper back issues and breathing issues and centering myself in my practice brought new things to light.

I wish my whole family could learn this practice, my work out friends and basically everyone. This tool would be great for people with eating disorders and just addicts in general.

I’ve always heard that quote “your body is a temple” but I’ve never embraced it.

This practice has brought me back to my body. I feel whole. This practice aligns with all the things, spiritual or not. But for me it’s connected me in ways that are hard to describe. I use this practice with the Body Code system and it’s helped heal a lot of trauma because whether we want to admit or not; the body keeps a score.“

Learn more about the Radiance Program Click Below!

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