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Reclaiming Ease: My Radiance Journey to Release Pain and Embrace Body Harmony

I joined Radiance to address feeling really out of sorts in my own body. It was vulnerable to admit I felt out of whack since I’m a gentle yoga teacher and have done extensive healing work.

However, I had pretty persistent lower back pain which had led to me throwing my back out several times. My neck was also constantly tight, honestly since I can remember. Since having my kiddo and gaining a bunch of weight, my body felt really different than it used to, and I needed new tools to BE with myself.

During the program I felt such a softening occur!

In the beginning, I had a hard time getting into the daily practice - part of that was having my wisdom teeth removed in the first month! But once I finally did, I started experiencing an ease in my body that I could rely on.

I was finally able to do things like weed in my garden without worrying about my back. If I went on a long drive, flight or had a day that was especially taxing for my body and nervous system, I had a set of tools to work with it and helped me truly release the muscles that were so tight.

Aimee's 1:1 sessions helped me drop DEEP into my body and experience a near-psychedelic ecstasy of being so in tune with myself, and so encouraged to both listen, slow down and make the movements as subtle as I desired. Plus the group experiences felt bonding, and helped to drop me even further into my own body.

This program brings in such a fine-tuned level of intimacy with one's body and movements. I actually have a lot of wounding around feeling like the world around me is moving SO FAST and the pressure to "keep up". This practice is SO slow and I truly love it. It's so much about me, and me trusting my body.

Aimee’s Teaching style is very thorough, precise, loving and compassionate.

Now I have a simple, gentle, daily (or close to daily) practice and I feel more relaxed and "leaned back" in my body. I have helpful food guidelines that I can return to to help me feel more easeful in my body. I feel relaxed and confident in my body to do things I love like walking, gardening, etc. without worrying I will get irrevocably injured.

I also feel much calmer and more natural in my business. Less of a sense of "pushing" as an entrepreneur and more of an easeful, honest sharing of what I have to offer. This practice invites in a full body union that is felt while doing it.

I’m excited and motivated to weave these practices around movement and food deeper into my life and yoga practice.

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