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Reclaiming My Body: A Journey from Pain to Confidence with Hanna Somatics

When I started working with Aimee, I was having intense pain in my hip flexors on and off for about 6 months to a year. I also suffered a general achy feeling in my body, especially in my shoulders and lower back. I can't even remember the last time I didn't have pain in my body. I was in a car accident in 2009 that seemed to shift into a different state since then, even with treatment. 

During our first session I almost fell asleep, but in the best way! Aimee was so good at explaining the movents over Zoom that it wasn't complicated and I feel my mind and body connection easily picked up on the micro movements she had me engage in.

I was completely in awe with how my body felt at the end when Aimee did an assessment of me standing up versus how my body felt and looked at the beginning of the session. My body felt so relaxed and aligned. 

In each session since I’ve felt relaxed in my parasympathetic nervous system.  I’ve felt very safe in her presence and like I could be completely myself and ask as many questions as I wanted or comment on what I was experiencing. I also like that she checked in periodically to see what I was noticing to bring more awareness online.

I feel like I now have more presence with my body in real time and can use the movements she gave me to find relief. 

Since I am a therapist and nervous system coach I often engage in healing practices. After working with Aimee, I've noticed in my own somatic practices I am gentler to my body and can now envision myself to be very aligned and to be pain free.

In the past I had so much trauma around the way my body moved through the world with my "duck feet" composition and the general pain that reminded me, "your body isn't working for you and you can't change it."

I feel this blockage has finally been cleared, as I have immense confidence in my body and my ability to find relief when needed.

The emotional and spiritual blockages I've been able to release have been immense.

Aimee taught me around the connection of the left side of my brain where we use logic and reason, is in charge of the right side of the body. It was assessed that I carried most of my pain in the right side of my body because I was trying to "outwit" my trauma. This was a huge lightbulb for me and I have used this teaching to guide many of my clients through somatic work and this sentiment has been very helpful to them as well.

I would recommend Aimee 1000% !

I am hoping to collaborate with her in the future because I fully understand how powerful her work is in the healing process! Anyone with a body and nervous system would benefit from this work.

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