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Running Strong: A Runner's Tale of Sustainable Performance with Hanna Somatics and Aimee

Updated: Feb 15

Mike was my mentor as a troubled teen and it feels incredible to give back to him and his life in a substantial way.

Mike is able to do what he loves (run!) sustainably and with lower risk of injury because of the somatic lessons we did together.

“My name is Mike Warner, a former teacher, coach and life-long runner. Nearly 70, I’ve been running for over 50 years; I have known Aimee since she was in 6th grade.

As a runner, my number one concern is skeletal alignment. Leg length discrepancies and hip rotations create imbalances and injuries, and I have the injury history to prove it. I run up to an hour a day, making alignment critical to me. I use simple somatic exercises before I run, which almost immediately correct those areas. I can literally feel my body coming back into alignment as I do them. I don’t spend hours doing them, and they’ve reduced the number of chiropractor appointments I’ve needed to accomplish the same thing.

I was primarily open to Hanna Somatics because of Aimee. She is brilliant, has a wonderful background in Yoga (she’s taught all over the world), and I trust her implicitly.

Her program’s emphasis on helping build self-generated practices puts the client in charge. If I were still coaching, we’d be using these techniques.”

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