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Stroke Recovery: Transformative Somatic Development with Stacy and Her Family

I began working with Stacy at the start of the pandemic.

We were lucky enough to begin working together a few weeks after she had suffered a moderate-severe stroke that affected the right side of her body.

When I met her she was getting around in a wheelchair and had no sensation in her right leg and arm. She had difficulty communicating, but we quickly bonded.

She has made HUGE progress in the last three years. We have been working together weekly and she is now able to have her own movement practice that keeps her pain free and supports her life!

Being a part of Stacy and her family’s healing process has been deeply transformative for me.

I love being a part of her growth and development as she rediscovers her hands, her legs, herself.

We’ve had mystical, sorrowful, enlightening and breakthrough experiences together over the last two years.

My time with her will forever live in my heart.

Here’s what her husband had to say about our work together

“Two years ago, my wife Stacy, had a bad stroke. Aimee came highly recommended – to work with her and help her heal her affected limbs, alignment, back, movement, etc. Aimee has been working with Stacy weekly. She has been truly amazing: patient, warm, kind. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body, about balance, about well-being.

Aimee explains things so well and clearly and thoughtfully. They work on breathing together. Somatic healing. She gives Stacy such wonderful movements and exercises to practice throughout the week, which make Stacy feel so good.

Stacy always feels so replenished and inspired after every session with Aimee.

Aimee is a wonderful guide, a healer, a trusted teacher. She has been so incredible.”

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