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The Power of One Somatic Deep-Dive Day

My Day Retreats provide a safe, exciting and transformative environment for true self-connection to take place. Jai had such an experience and is excited to begin incorporating this powerful practice into their daily lives.

"This experience brought me into a closer relationship with the subtle pains and tensions I have been holding on for so long.

I feel refreshed and more connected to my body, with new awareness of my holding patterns.

After the one day retreat with Aimee, I was able to move through some pain and tension in my right abdomen- with guided and assisted body work I was able to observe the power of this practice in real time.
The night after this retreat I slept so well and in a new comfortable position. I awoke feeling like I was in a new body with so much energy the next day.
I am so excited to be learning more about Hanna Somatics, and highly recommend this work to anyone and everyone who has made it at least to 30 years old.
Aimee was able to create a healing and learning environment that truly brings into connection the body and the mind." 

The movement practice and hand on bodywork are part of the same system and are designed to work together to bring relief from chronic areas of tension, stress and pain while simultaneously building more proprioceptive awareness.

It's been my dream/vision to create immersive experiences where impactful and long-term shifts in body consciousness and physiology can occur.

Join me for my next deep dive!

An "All Somatics" Retreat in Mt. Baldy, CA

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