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To Eat Simple is an Act of REBELLION.

In an overstimulated world, developing your sensitivity is no easy task.

Take salt, sugar and fat/oil. These natural nutrients are found in unnaturally high amounts in most restaurant and packaged foods.

Consuming these “flavors” in such high doses literally numbs our tastebuds to the same nutrients in natural, proportionate whole food amounts.

For example, if you are eating a candy bar, suddenly an orange won’t taste sweet.

If you are eating chips and salsa with hundreds of milligrams of sodium, you can’t taste the sodium that exists in a tomato.

In fact you don’t really taste food unless it’s salty, sweet or oily!

It takes about 6 weeks for your tastebuds to desensitize.

So natural foods will probably taste UNSTIMULATING while you are revitalizing your ability to taste subtle flavors.

What’s the payoff?

You can avoid the health problems that arise from diets that are excessive in fat/oil (heart and brain issues), sugar (diabetes, gut problems) and sodium (high blood pressure and vascular damage).

And you can actually enjoy the simple pleasure of food from the earth.

You can taste the sweetness of fruit! The saltiness of chard or tomatoes! The natural oil in spinach and herbs!

So much of what we are sold in our culture (processed foods and restaurants) is actually designed to get you addicted. To numb you so need more and more to feel/taste.

This is part of why we overeat. We are looking for satisfaction, but we are so numb in our tongues we cannot find it. The search is endless.

We also overeat because we are looking for necessary nutrition.

Which we don’t find in fragmented “fortified” refined foods. So we might eat a lot, but not get what our bodies really NEED and are continuing to hunt for!

Eating with simple taste and refusing to be part of system that keeps you numb and hungry is not easy.

It takes consistent, deliberate, loving redirection.

Because it’s so easy to eat what everyone eats.

It’s harder to eat what your body needs! But it’s worth it in the long run.

Every 36 seconds someone dies of heart disease in the United States.

To be like everybody else is to sign up for future of disease and immobility.

Making changes alone can be really hard. It may feel like the whole world (or even members of your family!) are working against your efforts.

The support you need is one of gentleness, compassion, encouragement and strength.

There is a lot of shame exists around our bodies and eating.

Shame isn’t going to help you make the changes.

Punishment doesn’t lead to freedom.

So how do we start making choices that feel aligned with highest wisdom, our inner knowing, our loving truth?

By developing your somatic awareness, your body intelligence.

I'll be going LIVE on Thursday to share more about WTF "somatic" even is and how to do it...

Check out my 6 month transformational container Radiance.

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