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Transformative Shifts: Rediscovering Balance and Freedom through Somatics with Aimee

April was SO ready for this work. She was excited and encouraged by the changes she saw in her body over the 6 weeks we spent together. It was beautiful to watch her open up and be able to let go of the patterns she was held by.

Here's what she had to say about our time together:

"I started doing Somatics with Aimee because I felt that I had trauma stored in my body that I didn't know how to release.  As I began this somatic work, my body felt safe and Aimee spoke in a comforting tone, which is important for healing. As I worked with Aimee, she uncovered muscular patterns in my body.

There were 3 significant shifts that I felt:

1) As I walked, Aimee pointed out that I would lean more of my body weight to the right side of my body. So, my back muscles were shortened on one side. After doing somatics, a few sessions later, I was able to balance and shift some of the weight back to my left side, equalizing both sides of my body.

2) I used to have a hard time breathing, or taking a full breath lying down on my back. Aimee pointed out that this was due to tight muscles and fascia around my chest. As she helped me open up through my sessions, I felt like I was able to breathe better on my back. I can now stay for an extended time on my back now without feeling uncomfortable.

3) My shoulders were protracted (rounded forward). Aimee explained to me about patterns that were called "red light" or protective patterns that kept me contracted forward. The more sessions we did, I started to see a shift and my shoulders felt more openness and length.

After my six sessions with Aimee, my nervous system was able to relax and calm down more.  I definitely feel the somatic “reset” in my body that has made significant changes. My body is very grateful for it. I will continue to do the exercises that Aimee gave me to do on my own, so I can continue the somatic experience.

I have also learned to slow down and sometimes less is more. I have made the internal changes that have made all the difference in my world and my internal happiness. I wish everyone could experience Somatic Education, especially with Aimee who is a great leader and example in her own life."

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