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Veronika's Somatic Transformation: From Chronic Pain to Joyful Healing

She always hoped/felt/dreamed something like what I teach existed.

Veronika speaks so beautifully to the incredible, transformative quality of of what I offer. This practice is. Pain relief, embodiment, self-mastery and deepening of your spiritual awakening all in one! 🙌

“I’ve had chronic pain in my left lower back and hip for about 6 years, and it got worse after giving birth to my 2nd child two years ago. My pelvic floor also had transient pain. My quad and IT band were also on fire. It became very hard to workout which provided relief, but also pain. I felt like I was missing out on having fun with my kids and also had to give up a big part of my self-care.

After my first session, I had immediate relief in my entire back, neck and I felt lighter. It was just so much easier to move. I also noticed I felt happy and it was easier to play and have fun.

Since starting this somatic journey, I started to notice my holding patterns during my usual day to day tasks that contribute to tension and pain. I know how to let it go. In just 5 sessions, my pain is 80% less. My mood is better (my husband says he appreciates how I've been handling disappointments and my daughter now calls me the best mom.. LOL) I can now do workouts again, and use my somatic exercises as a warm up and cool down to ensure my body remembers to let go.

I worked as a psychotherapist and my work primarily focused on mind-body and energy centers as a way of working through issues and traumas. I also integrated nature connection and plant medicine into my work and personal healing journey. I had many breakthroughs and realizations of what it was that my own body needed. My husband is a chiropractor and acupuncturist, so I have been able to experience many types of hands on work and advanced technology for my chronic pain.

I knew inside that my body needed to re-pattern its own memory from “holding on” to “letting go” from the inside out. When I found Aimee and did my consult, I knew immediately this was what my soul was calling in. I now had a way to work with my body's innate intelligence to heal and let go of old patterns that my body subconsciously kept bringing back into my life.

It’s allowed me to feel safe, open and surrendered to living fully and even more authentically. At one point in a session with Aimee, I was brought back to a plant medicine journey where my body knew exactly what it needed but I didn't know how to attain that level of ease without first going through a very scary process of letting go. However, this time, it was gentle like a lullaby, lulling me into ease and comfort. 

Aimee is so present and non-judgmental, not just to whats happening physically, but what might be happening emotionally. I love that she just knows how to tune in and hold space in such a neutral way.

I’ve been recommending Aimee to all the people I know who are also in the healing community and who are also on a personal journey of self-development and healing!”


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