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We Carry Our Lives in Our Bodies

Everything that has ever happened.

Trauma, Stress, Fear, Joy, Injuries, Pregnancies, Daily Tasks, Surgeries, Sports Training…

Literally anything you ever experienced or done.

And if you have had a hard life or several intense traumas, the tension in your body may be accelerated.

You may feel old before your time.

Maybe you wake up feeling tight, tense.

Maybe you go to sleep that way.

Maybe it’s become normal.

And you have ways of coping.

Maybe you go to a chiropractor or a body worker and you get some relief.

The challenge is a chiro or massage therapist can’t change the connection between your brain and your muscles.

They can’t restructure the trauma response, or teach you how to do that.

I spent a lot of time (and money) trying to address things from the outside.

What happened when I changed things on the inside?

What Hanna Somatics offers is way to change your body FROM INSIDE.

Because when address the infrastructure, long-term relief is possible.

More than that, when we change what’s happening internally, we become CONNECTED to what’s happening internally!

This is deeply powerful.

This is what it means to be “embodied”.

When you live IN your body (rather than just your mind or emotions) and experience your ability to address your own suffering with tender and practical means—

You feel sense of truly being protected from within, no matter what life throws you.

A unstoppable combination of fortification and flexibility!

The life in your body does not have be overwhelming or a source of frequent stress.

Let me teach you to let go of tension as it arises!

You can be free, comfortable and natural in your body. It will make everything you do easier and more pleasant.

Your body can be your greatest ally.

Are you ready to get closer and listen to what it’s been trying to tell you?

Check out my 6 month transformational container Radiance

Address the fact that your body keeps the score and start accumulating RELEASE instead of holding onto tension.

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