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Zoe Hewett's Empowering Transformation:From Outsourcing to Owning Her Body with the Radiance Program

Zoe Hewett’s transformation has been about knowing herself and believing in her ability to sense and respond to her own experience in her body with confidence.

I absolutely love the way she is no longer in the habit of outsourcing her bodies needs to other ‘experts’ but is beginning to feel/know internally that she is the expert and authority in her body

“I came into the Radiance program 12 months postpartum from my second child with almost 15 years of hot yoga practice and with a former lifetime of elite sport in my body.

I had some physical and emotional tension stored in my tissues to say the least and I was getting more frequent episodes of my back seizing up, for example, as the years passed.

Since becoming a parent I had also deprioritized my time consuming a regular yoga practice and therein lost a coping mechanism for maintaining emotional health.

Lastly, I wanted to address the concept of being a better manager of my own health rather than hand all my trust to medical and movement professionals. I did not want to continue outsourcing the management of my own health.

The practice I’ve learned has helped shift these challenges because it was so accessible.

I could to take 30 seconds to 30 mins or sometimes longer to address the tension in my body and I could even do something with a kid sitting on me if needed!

Aimee always supported the idea of ‘more than nothing’ so even when I can only do a few minutes I trust that it’s still a significant contribution to the long game.

Having a somatic movement practice has also helped with emotional health.

The simplest example is that I can’t solve a problem with myself or someone else by pulling in the opposite direction.

That concept has given me the moment of perspective I’ve needed to avoid a stress response in times of heightened emotion.

What’s different about this method is that it involves my personal perspective in real time in a way that I haven’t felt with other modalities, making it a much more connected and empowering experience. It is also less aggressive - but very focused - than most modalities that I have tried in the past.

Aimee’s teaching style is welcoming and non judgmental, and in our work together she has been able to observe and listen, then efficiently change course based on the experience I was having in the moment which amplified the effect of my somatic practice.

After a movement session with Aimee I feel wonderful! I feel both expansive and integrated, broader and more differentiated. Microcosm and macrocosm unite!

During month two there was lots of information that I was keen to understand further and I felt surprisingly keen to dive into the complexities of eating!

Learning more about how our gut microbiome works will definitely inform food choices my future in a positive way for myself, my family and, I believe, our planet.

Day to day, there is a growing sense of confidence in using my body.

I’m trusting more that it’s all a grand experiment and I have tools to help relieve tension and understand what went awry if I go too far. I now notice more when I’m holding or building tension in my body and I can address it to some degree in the moment.

I can’t unlearn the concepts of this movement practice and it is already integrating into my personal health identity and into my professional life as a movement teacher.

At this stage it feels strange to ‘stretch’ or roll out on a ball, which are things I use to use to try and relieve discomfort from chronic movement patterns.

It’s hard to think of anyone that wouldn’t benefit from this work! Certainly students and teachers in my yoga community, my partner, my sisters, my dad, the mums in my mum sphere, and the professionals in my exercise physiology world.

This practice has the ability to foster a strong connection to self, and therefore, to purpose, which is for me the spiritual implication of the practice.

It feels similar to what has developed through my yoga practice.

With a slight variation in that the invitation to listen to one’s self first and foremost, with the guidance to interpret those messages, has been front and Centre.”

Learn more about the Radiance Program Click Here!

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