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From Stiffness to Serenity: How Aimee's Healing Touch Transformed My Body and Soul

"When I met Aimee I was having pain in my hips, knees and sometimes ankles. If it wasn't tightness, it was pain. At times the pain was so bad that I'd feel it urgent to get a chiropractor to relieve the pain. I'd done two years of chiropractors off and on with the last set being 6 consecutive visits.

If I drove for a long time and stepped out of my truck, I would feel stuck in the position of sitting so it would take a moment for me to adjust to standing tall.

It felt embarrassing. I was experiencing the latter for about 8 months or so.

In my first session with Aimee, I felt peace. A lot of what Aimee taught resonated with me. Since I have experience in meditating, there were some moves that immediately put me in that state where I was connected to my higher self.

At the beginning, I doubted that these tiny movements would do anything to alleviate my pain but as the days went by, I found myself releasing, releasing, releasing. Before I knew it, I was sitting on my meditation pillow with no stiffness and no pain.

When I'm working with Aimee, I feel safe. It's a space where I feel I can share anything. Sometimes a part of that release includes tears but the sessions lead to a sense of peace and feeling more connected to myself and my body.

The pains I was feeling last year, before I started working with Aimee, have gone away. There is occasional stiffness in the hip area but it's mainly because I have not taken the time to practice the movements Aimee has taught me.

In our last session just a couple of days ago, Aimee brought up something that I often teach about but apparently don't always practice. I find working with Aimee healing and peaceful. In fact, I'm tearing up a little just writing about it. She is kind and helpful and teaches while she works with you. Somehow Aimee can see my body and all my imbalances by just looking via the computer. How she does it? I will never know.  

The spiritual significance for me has been crucial. The last year felt especially stressful for me and working with Aimee reminds me to stay connected to my body.

The biggest takeaway for me is that I used to think I had to do aggressive stretching to release pain or stiffness. I had NO IDEA that there were gentler ways to get to the same issue.

Oftentimes, we think that being harder and tougher will get us where we want to be... but sometimes being softer and more yielding allows for greater expansion and easier release.

If I were to name one person who comes to mind, who could use Aimee's help, it would be a member of my family who operates mainly in her masculine energy.

But if I were to generalize it, I would say this work is for anyone who is experiencing stiffness in their bodies and stuckness in their lives. 

Aimee has the healer vibe! All of the sessions are completely about her client and it feels amazing... gloriously amazing. I am thankful."

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