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Pain Relief After 24 Years of Chronic Injury

When we started working together, A. was so incredibly contracted that I could barely move her limbs.

Working with clients in this much acute pain is incredibly rewarding though, because their lives improve dramatically when they learn to actually change their internal experience and find relief.

By the end of our time together, her muscles we much more pliable, supple and FUNCTIONAL.

Plus, her whole demeanor had lightened!

And last but not least, she felt confident to continue her movement practice and know exactly what to do when her body screams at her.

If you are done with your chronic pain and only getting a bit of relief from everything you've tried, I highly reccomend attending my 4 day retreat in May.

During Somatic Awakening, you will receive two powerful hands on sessions, in addition to daily movement workshops to teach you the skills to stay out of pain.


"I was suffering from multiple spine injuries due to work, sports, and car accidents. The most recent car accident happened while I was still recovering from spine surgery and I was unable to get any relief from the various medical I received.

The previous treatments included: physical therapy, chiropractic visits, acupuncture, and pain management.

My initial spine injury was due to a car accident in the 7th grade, so I have been in pain since June, 2000.

Over the years my injuries were exacerbated from sports, working with special needs clients, and additional car accidents. I was essentially living on medication to keep the pain at bay, but on my best days my pain baseline was a 5/10.

Regular sessions with Aimee helped me learn how to fully relax my body.

Aimee was able to explain to me that due to the various injuries, despite my best efforts, I was constantly straining and re-injuring myself.

As a teacher, Aimee explains everything so well and is very patient when introducing new things. She is amazing!

Now, I am in less pain which has completely changed my life.

Being in less pain has allowed me to be in a better mood and enjoy my life more!

What different about this technique is that it is more focused on letting go and learning to relax. Other methods teach you to stretch or do exercises that can cause more pain.

I would definitely recommend Aimee to work with anyone suffering from pain and discomfort in their life!"

-A. M.

School Teacher, Mother

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