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Reclaiming Power Over Pain: Kylie's Journey to Self-Healing through Hanna Somatics

Kylie felt like her body was against her. She spent over $60,000 on the chiropractor between 17 and 27. Thousands more if we count the other things she tried.

When she met me and heard about Hanna Somatics she was intrigued and felt called to explore something that would give her back the power in her own body.

She is now feeling better than she ever has in her life, inside and out!

“When I met Aimee I was suffering from reoccurring back pain. I had found some relief with chiropractic care but I didn’t like how dependent I was on chiropractors. I had never heard of somatic education and was intrigued about learning how to get out of pain myself.

In the Radiance Program, I became aware of all the things I unconsciously did to create the tension in my back. Everything from weightlifting injuries, to dancing all night in heels, to working hunched over for hours, driving long distances and not being connected to know what my body was trying to communicate to me. I started to be able to listen to my body through learning specific micromovements. My body started to deeply let go and relax and pain reduced and went away.

I felt like the program came at the perfect time. I had already worked with Aimee privately and I was ready to learn everything I could.

My 3 biggest takeaways:

1. I feel empowered with my daily practice to keep my body out of pain.

2. I’m feeling safer in my body, more calm and connected to who I am and where I am in space.

3. I can create regulation internally Instead of seeking it externally.

This program doesn’t just give you information you’ll one day forget. It helps you build a healthy habit and embodiment practice to carry with you throughout your life. When pain comes you learn how to turn it down by yourself.

Aimee’s teaching style is fun, interesting, exciting, empowering, relaxing, calm, inspiring and open.

After each session I feel like I have extremely good posture. The pain, if any is always less. My breathing is deeper and more relaxed and I usually feel a sense of calm, clarity and joy.

Because of this program:

I connect back to myself when I notice I’m tensing my back from stress and emotion.

I can better care for my body because I know how to listen to what it needs.

I feel safer in my body knowing that life happens and pain will come but now I have tools to unwind the pain on my own.

I have this new sense of empowerment and invaluable knowledge that will keep me on the right path of listening to my body and connecting with myself more deeply everyday!

Calming my nervous system and connecting deeply to myself has felt spiritual. This movement practice helps me get in touch with myself and where I’m at mentally, physically and spiritually. It helps me process emotions and memories.

I wish this same freedom and peace for my friends and family!

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