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Saewon's Somatic Uplevel and Expansion

"I met Aimee in person and got very intrigued when she mentioned somatic work that gets your brain to actually release muscles. It sounded like a more technical form of somatic work than I am used to and I was super intrigued. 

My first session was especially profound, I felt the tension I had been carrying for years soften and disarm itself. It was like I was meeting an older version of me I had missed and thought was gone forever.  Since then the release has gotten deeper and my body feels so much more free and at ease. 

Aimee holds a really safe and supportive space. She is super present with you and welcomes your depth. I feel held and cared for.  

My physical, mental and emotional bodies all feel lighter, more relaxed, and more awake. I have also noticed profound changes in my nervous system's responses to stressful stimuli. Things that would easily 'trigger me' have lost their edge.

This work creates a powerful bridge between our mind, it’s emotions and both the physical and energetic body.  It came to me after a big era of healing, when I needed a break from psychological processing and my body was really needing release.  And it's not just a physical change, it's absolutely an energetic clearing. 

I love making time each day for somatic work. It helps me slow down, ground and engage in a nourishing ritual. It's not easy for me to stick with daily rituals but this work feels so good that it's been easy to implement!

I used to have chronic tension in my shoulder area and it's significantly lessened.

In general, I feel more connected to my body and I don't have this heavy feeling of carrying around dead weight. I'm amazed at how many positive changes I've made since starting this work. It's allowed me to make big strides in my personal healing saga.

All my love to you, Aimee! Thank you so much for truly changing my life! "

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