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Integrating Life-long Trauma in Her Body

Gina and I had known each other for years. She was seeking somatic work and met with a male practitioner that made her feel uncomfortable.

Then she realized, "Hey, I know the perfect person! I should hire my friend Aimee!"

She wasn't sure how she would feel receiving bodywork from me. She's a highly skilled massage therapist so she can be quite picky about touch.

After several conversations, Gina decided to give it a go. She had taken a few of my classes in the past and found them helpful. She knew the pain she'd been living with was unsustainable.

After the first session she was amazed and blown away by the power of this work to help her body open and remember how to let go.

Over a ten week series, we opened and released and integrated traumatic memories held in her body since childhood. Now, Gina has been at this a while. She's done extensive therapy and healing work. However, her muscles were still frozen in their traumatic conditioning, keeping her nervous system on a loop.

As she and I retrained her nervous system to habituate "letting go" instead of "holding on" all kinds of memories and feeling rose to the surface. All that she had literally been holding in the tissues of her body.

Yet, it happened as a gentle letting go. Totally UNFORCED. It made it far more comfortable to be contending with this stuff from a place of relaxation than a place of clenching.

I have been amazed by Gina's courage and ability to be real, vulnerable and full of service!

Read her full testimony to get a better feel for what Gina has been able to accomplish.

Suffice to say: all her aches and pains are gone and she's got a tool to keep it from coming back!

"When I think about how long I had been dealing with certain issues such as panic, lightheadedness, and mental fog, I would safely say that I have been dealing with some symptoms of trauma for 45 years. In addition, I’ve had several physical injuries from sports and accidents from my own mistakes and physical injuries from traumatic experiences.

By the time I saw Aimee I was struggling to get out of bed. I was limping, vomiting, had restless sleep with nervous legs, insomnia (2-4 hours of disruptive sleep) with nightmares, spinal aches, spasms in my body and was experiencing dissociation. My right eye was getting smaller, had hives and rashes, lots of hair loss, was having panic attacks, poor intestinal health, irregular heart palpitations, abdominal cramping, asthma, and more. During our first session, I experienced a lot of fear, spasming, jolting, shaking, shivering, sweating, panic attacks, dissociation, crying, confusion, convulsions, rage, and flashbacks. Aimee is very good at holding space, being present, and nurturing without being judgmental or afraid of witnessing and meeting another in their suffering. Aimee is a healer so she is patient and kind and speaks in a soothing tone and is an excellent listener to physical, verbal, and energetic tones, messages, and needs of her clients/patients. Needless to say; I felt safe, stabilized, comforted, nurtured, and accepted. I felt loved. Since beginning this practice and receiving hands-on bodywork with Aimee I feel safe in my body for the first time that I can remember. I feel a joyful with a sense of calm. The tone in my voice has shifted. My eyes are smiling. My skin is glowing and healthy again. My hair finally stopped falling out in bunches. I processed memories I couldn't face or even remember out of sheer terror. I can sleep better. I can concentrate on my schoolwork. It doesn't hurt to walk. Sometimes when my hips, spine, ankle, or shoulder get an ache I know I can slow down and do some somatic movements, be gentle with myself, and I can process why I feel discomfort and even release it. Then I feel good again. "I feel like I have learned more about myself as a being. 9-10 years ago everyone was coming to me for help and healing and I did not honor my humanness. I didn't take time to really slow down and nurture myself, which is tricky because I teach restorative yoga and practice massage. I thought I was listening to my body, but I was still in denial of my own truth. I knew I wanted to be heard, so I spoke and spoke and still did not feel accepted. I felt judged instead. I realize now that the one I needed to hear me most was myself. I needed to trust myself. I needed to see myself. To listen to what my body was telling me all along. What I have realized and remembered was not a revelation. It is something I felt since I was very small and even a question I asked out loud, but I needed to believe the lie out of fear of the truth—until it nearly devoured my entire body. I think what is most significant is that I don't feel like I am back, I feel like I have just arrived. I feel like I have awakened. I highly recommend Aimee. I think everyone can benefit from Somatic Bodywork with a highly educated and experienced practitioner/educator/bodyworker/healer who dedicates themselves to the practice of healing and takes healing seriously and joyfully and intuitively, and Aimee is all of those things. I especially recommend people who have experienced trauma, because Aimee is trauma informed."

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