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Reclaiming Health and Happiness: Her Radiance Experience

Celebrating Emily!

When we first met back in March, Emily was living with ongoing neck and shoulder pain from working a desk job. Along with a myriad of other aches and pains, from ankle/foot and lower leg pain to tension headaches.

She had been living a digital nomad lifestyle and loved the idea of being independent when it came to managing her physical pain and discomfort.

She'd been spending so much money on chiropractors and bodywork each time she landed in a new location.

She felt immediate relief in our 1:1 session and knew this was something that could help her.

When she began the Radiance Program, she was longing for a house of her own, but felt dismayed: she'd been house hunting for years. She also didn't really know how to connect with her spiritual side except maybe in her enjoyment of hikes and being outdoors.

By the end of the first 3 months, she had more ease, joy and freedom in her body than she had ever experienced before.

And NOW as we a preparing for her graduation from the 6 month program, she has closed on a house in a beautiful area that support her spiritual growth through connection with nature.

In so many way, Emily has blossomed through Somatics and has a daily movement practice that keeps her strong, supple and out of pain.

She see more possibilities for her life and her self, because she's literally no longer stuck in a muscular/somatic feedback loop.

Her face is softer and her body balanced and mobile!

Her desk job is no longer getting in the way of her active lifestyle, as she is FREE to move in and out of any position.

In her own words:

“When I met Aimee I had chronic pain and discomfort in neck/upper back. My head was forward from working a desk job and I would grind my teeth during my sleep. I met Aimee one of her events in Joshua Tree and experienced both the movement and the bodywork. I joined Radiance because I wanted to lose weight and be generally healthier as well as experience the pain relief from a daily practice of this method. Now the pain in my neck and back is completely gone. My face looks less scrunched. I've lost weight and I am able to go on longer runs comfortably because my body isn't screaming at me anymore. Even my skin looks better! My three biggest takeaways: 1. I know now how great I can feel if I take better care of my body. 2. My body doesn't need a lot of the foods I previously thought were essential. 3. Little changes can make such a huge difference in my health and happiness. I found the food conversation in month two extremely helpful and relevant. It has changed how I think about food forever! I have turned much of the food knowledge into positive healthy habits which now feel second-nature. I can't believe what I used to call "healthy" before this program! After a movement session I feel clear-headed, relaxed, loose and blissful. I love that I’m able to go for long hikes and runs without my body getting upset. Also, I can better self-regulate my emotions, which was life-saving as I was going through some tough life situations.

Overall, when I'm not stuck focusing on bodily discomfort, it is easier to fully experience life. I would love to see members of my family do this program. And I think athletes can also benefit tremendously. Learning from Aimee has been inspirational. I will absolutely continue my practice for the rest of my life, knowing how great I feel.” You can feel so free and blissful in your body! It’s your birthright!

Let me show you how

Make your health and happiness a priority! #somatics #hannasomatics #radianceforlife #somaticeducation #athlete #runner #functionalmobility #weightloss #somatichealing #eattolive

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