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The changes you undergo in Radiance are deep and lifelong. 

Some people join to eliminate back, neck, shoulder or general body pain, others join because they know they live in their heads and not in their full body intelligence.

Many join because they are SEEKERS, FREEDOM LOVERS and MOVEMENT AND BODY EXPERTS who are hungry to expand their knowledge of what it is to be human and in a body.

Radiance is EXPERIENTIAL learning. The live calls plus consistency in practice will build neural connections and pathways that change the way you experience your body, permanently. 

Radiance Graduates have the invaluable tool of being able to change their muscle tension, calm their nervous system and respond tenderly to their bodies needs. 

They experience Independence, Purpose, Confidence and Trust that they are literally never STUCK.


Beth Warner

Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher and Graduate of Radiance

"Now, I have an even greater appreciation of the contribution of habitual muscle tension to pain and reduced function. And I am confident that people can learn to release tension and change even long-held patterns of trauma and pain.

This is safe and effective for anyone."

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"When Beth and I lived and worked together as Bikram Yoga Teachers in Indonesia back in 2014, we didn't know somatic release was neurophysiological possible. As a yoga teacher, Beth was versed in anatomical challenges such as hyper mobility because of her own personal experience with it"

Owner of Brda Skincare and Graduate of Radiance

Kylie Brda

"I feel safer in my body knowing that life happens and pain will come but now I have tools to unwind the pain on my own.

I have this new sense of empowerment and invaluable knowledge that will keep me on the right path of listening to my body and connecting with myself more deeply everyday!"

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After a moped accident Kylie found herself living in fear of her back going out.


She became dependent on chiropractors and bodyworker to "put her back together".


She spent ten years feeling like a victim of her back tension and pain.


She was confused and frustrated and looking to many different therapists and modalities for relief. 

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Operations Manager for a Financial Tech Company, Trauma-informed Yoga Teacher and Graduate of Radiance

"I had been practicing Somatics with Aimee for a few years but the deep dive this program takes you on into your body is so different from having an on and off practice. Stress and pain do not control my life anymore and I feel free and safe in my body for the first time!"

Amanda Weiss

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"Amanda spent most of her adolescence and adult life escaping the physical experience in her body.

his took many forms, but ultimately looked like addiction of some kind:

-Alcohol and substance use
-Over-exercising (is very socially acceptable addiction!)
-Controlling her diet and disordered eating


And other small ways in which she would avoid the feelings, sensations, memories and pain that she held in her body."

Energy-worker, Intuitive Guide, Gentle Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur and Currently Enrolled in Radiance

Valerie Stanton

Aimee's 1:1 sessions helped me drop DEEP into my body and experience a near-psychedelic ecstasy of being so in tune with myself, and so encouraged to both listen, slow down and make the movements as subtle as I desired. 

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"Valerie felt disconnected from her self and her body in a way that was unusual for her and disorienting.


In so many ways she felt like she "should" be able to create the safety and calm within her body she was seeking.


After all, she's a gentle yoga teacher, an energyworker, an intuitive healing guide and she's done extensive gut healing in the past.

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Valerie got the tools and support she needed and was ready to add to her already amazing repertoire of self-knowledge and wisdom.

Conflict Resolution Coach, Energy Healer and Graduate of Radiance

"This is a wonderful investment for anybody's future. Anybody with a body could benefit from embedding this practice into their daily lives."

Laurel Pear 

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At the age of 30, Laurel Pear made a bold move to free herself and begin redefining herself. 

After over a decade of being over-medicated and labeled by the her family and the medical field, she began to embrace her true self and her gifts. She began a path of self-healing, forgiveness and grounding into her physical body. 

Success Coach, Reiki Master, Transformational Guide and Graduate of Radiance

"I am forever grateful for Aimee and her work. She came into my life at the perfect time, and the somatic tools helped me physically and mentally handle the most difficult time of my life."

Jen Barber

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Jen's Inspiring Journey: Thriving with Stage 4 Cancer - Somatic Healing and Hope

Professional Musician, Meditation and Mindfulness Practitioner and Graduate of Radiance

Drew Fuerstman

"These small, easeful, and embodied movements done skillfully have a dramatic positive impact that compounds over time. 


I am so thankful for Aimee’s expertise in Hanna Somatics and gifts as body worker"

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Drew was seeking to address chronic back and shoulder pain that was becoming debilitating! The tools/skills he developed in Radiance have helped him come out of pain and deepen his meditation practice!

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Mathematician for a Pharmacy, Athlete and Currently Graduate of Radiance

Emily Valentin

"The pain in my neck and back is completely gone. My face looks less scrunched. I've lost weight and I am able to go on longer runs comfortably because my body isn't screaming at me anymore. Even my skin looks better!"

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Emily was living with so many aches and pains! Working a remote desk job had her desperate to find a chiropractor in every new place she visited. In Radiance, she was fully empowered to reduce and eliminate musculoskeletal tension and pain on her own. She loves that this practice can be done from anywhere, without any special person or equipment!

Licensed Professional Counselor, Visual Artist, Writer and Graduate of Radiance

Clista Prelle-Tworek

"She helps me map the way my body has coped with trauma over my many decades, and gives me a way forward to navigate daily life with less pain, and a renewed sense of confidence and joy."

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Clista has been living with chronic pain for decades. She entered Radiance looking for a new way to experience her body and the ongoing stress she lives with. Check out her inspiring interview!

Retired High School Special Needs Teacher. Mountaineer and Graduate of Radiance

David Kell

"She is clear and precise in her directions…I often go into a trance like space…At the end of the sessions I’m floating. She is one of the very best healers I have met."

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David has been receiving somatic bodywork in various forms over the decades, but he found something unique and deeply effective in Hanna Somatics. He loves that he can do the practice independently and get immediate and ongoing relief from pain that would otherwise prevent him from enjoying his retirement to the fullest! He’s gained 2 inches back in height since beginning this work!

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Starlyn Cappello

ESL and High School French Teacher and Graduate of Radiance

"Aimee is very loving and has helped me realize that going slow, and loving myself is extremely important to my overall well-being."

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Starlyn has struggled with tension and pain and a lot of negative self-talk for years. During Radiance she experienced the power of her nervous system to shift into calm and the necessity of showing herself love. She never made the connection this deeply before: acting with self-love is key to any healing journey.

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